Posted by: marcmwm | July 23, 2009

Big Ten Network’s football tour starts Aug. 11

‘Big Ten Football Tour’ Hits the Road Starting August 11

Revsine, DiNardo, Griffth go all-access with every Big Ten football team


CHICAGO – Eleven teams. Fifteen days. And 3,000 miles.

That’s how far the Big Ten Network’s Dave Revsine, Gerry DiNardo and Howard Griffith will travel to bring fans Big Ten Football Tour, a series of 11 90-minute shows devoted to a preseason football practice at every Big Ten university. The shows, which begin Aug. 11 and will air the same night as the practices at 10 PM ET, will feature a true, behind-the-scenes look at individual and team drills as Big Ten teams prepare for the 2009 season.

 “As the new season approaches, Big Ten fans will love getting an all-access look at their team,” Big Ten Network President Mark Silverman said. “This will be a great opportunity to see how every football program is gearing up for the season.”

Revsine, DiNardo, Griffith and the Big Ten Network production crew will criss-cross the conference’s eight states in a customized, chartered bus.  The bus will be branded with logos and air times for the network’s “Four Pack,” a quartet of new football shows that debut in September. The shows include Breakdown (Tuesdays, 10 PM ET), Sites & Sounds (Wednesdays, 10 PM ET), Behind the Schemes (Thursdays, 10 PM ET) and Big Ten Football and Beyond (Fridays, 10 PM ET).

Revsine will host the Big Ten Football Tour, while DiNardo and Griffith will provide on-the-field analysis of each team’s top newcomers, rising stars, important position battles and schedule. A coach or player will wear a wireless microphone during practice to give fans another perspective on the team’s preparation for the season.

The tour begins at Ohio State (Aug. 11), and continues at Penn State (Aug. 13), Michigan (Aug. 14), Michigan State (Aug. 15), Indiana (Aug. 17), Purdue (Aug. 18), Illinois (Aug. 19), Northwestern (Aug. 20), Wisconsin (Aug. 21) and Minnesota (Aug. 22), before wrapping up at Iowa (Aug. 25).

In addition to the on-the-field aspects, shows will include interviews with head coaches, coordinators and position coaches. Reporters Mike Hall, Rick Pizzo and Charissa Thompson will have post-practice interviews with key returning players, newcomers, former players or other special guests.

Fans along the Big Ten Football Tour route will have a chance to win football tickets and other Big Ten Network prizes by getting updates through the network’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The Big Ten Network also will produce a separate 30-minute football preview show for each Big Ten school. Those programs will premiere during the last week of August. The network will also air a two-part conference-wide preview show at 10 PM ET on Tuesday, Sept. 1 and Wednesday, Sept. 2.

Preseason coverage for each school is listed below.


Aug. 19 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 29 – Illinois Football Preview (10 PM ET)


Aug. 17 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 28 – Indiana Football Preview (10:30 PM ET)


Aug. 25 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 30 – Iowa Football Preview (9:30 PM ET)


Aug. 14 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 26 – Michigan Football Preview (10:30 PM ET)

Michigan State:

Aug. 15 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 27 – Michigan State Football Preview (10:30 PM ET)


Aug. 22 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 30 – Minnesota Football Preview (10 PM ET)


Aug. 20 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 29 – Northwestern Football Preview (10:30 PM ET)

Ohio State:

Aug. 11 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 26 – Ohio State Football Preview (10 PM ET)

Penn State:

Aug. 13 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 27 – Penn State Football Preview (10 PM ET)


Aug. 18 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 28 – Purdue Football Preview (10 PM ET)


Aug. 21 – Big Ten Football Tour (10 PM ET)

Aug. 30 – Wisconsin Football Preview (10:30 PM ET)




  1. Ugh….we have to wait until the 25th!

  2. Remember that old ketchup commercial jingle?

    Anticipation . . .

  3. I love the Big Ten Network! Slice and dice my football, please! I want to know everything.

  4. When is the Big Ten Network going to start their Season long feature on the Zooker and his season to NO BOWL game?

    Just like in 2008?

    What was the BTN’s name for that show?

    Season to the Commode Bowl? Road to Nowhere? LOL

  5. I am absolutely ecstatic. I have been very nervous as well but I have a thought that this is a special team full of high “character” guys. This ISU game has caused me particular anxiety, as I hate playing them. They have no business playing us like they do but they are an equal or better adversary once every September.

    Now in saying that I have the Big 10 network on in the car dealership out here in Chicago-land today. While I’m working I watched some of the ISU-Iowa game from last year. I have to tell you, I had forgotten how many missed tackles there were. I also had forgotten how little ISU really did. It seemed like they were in our side of the field a lot, and they were. But really only that 3rd quarter and a little in the 4th. Which even then it was because of field position, mistakes and TO’s really. It was then that I realized how many guys were still only in their 3rd game as starters for us on D. Sash doesn’t step out at the 2 as a 2nd year player. Missed tackles by Hunter, Clayborn etc, etc allowing precious yardage. That was a young D.

    I also didn’t realize Daniels played as much as he did and how much he looks like King & Kroul in stature. Frankly this is ISU/Iowa and we can certainly lose but we have a very talented team and though it was a tense game we controlled the tempo and their O for the most part. If we had an experienced Stanzi it wouldn’t have been as close and as good as our D was we missed some things we wont miss this year.

    At least that’s today’s attempt at relieving my anxt for that particular game…..LOL


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