Posted by: marcmwm | July 23, 2009

Jewel Hampton update (and other notes)

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz is cautiously optimistic on running back Jewel Hampton's status going into fall camp. Hampton, a sophomore, suffered a knee injury during non-contact practice drills on July 3. (Brian Ray/Gazette)

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz is cautiously optimistic on running back Jewel Hampton's status going into fall camp. Hampton, a sophomore, suffered a knee injury during non-contact practice drills on July 3. (Brian Ray/Gazette)

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz remains cautious but optimistic on running back Jewel Hampton’s injured knee.

Hampton, a 5-foot-9, 210-pound sophomore, suffered a knee injury during conditioning drills on July 3. His status has been up in the air since. Through Iowa radio play-by-play voice Gary Dolphin, Ferentz said a week ago that Hampton could be ready for the Sept. 5 opener against Northern Iowa.

Thursday, Ferentz said it looks positive for Hampton, who, behind Doak Walker Award winner Shonn Greene, put up one of the best seasons ever for a true freshman running back at Iowa, gaining 463 yards and scoring seven rushing TDs. He also averaged 23.3 yards a kick return, which was sixth in the Big Ten.

“We’re hopeful, we’re optimistically hopeful,” Ferentz said. “He injured his knee. All signs have been very, very positive since that time.

“We’ll certainly know more when we hit the practice field, maybe sooner. But I think right now everything’s been very positive. We’re optimistic that we’re going to be there.”

Freshmen report in Iowa City for fall camp Aug. 5. Practice starts Aug. 8.

Freshman offensive lineman Riley Reiff and his status with the team have been the subject of internet speculations all summer. There is no truth to anything out there. He is on the team. 

“He’s here,” Ferentz said. “He’s doing great.”

Offensive tackle Kyle Calloway and cornerback Shaun Prater face suspensions after OWI arrests this spring and summer. Prater’s arrest was Feb. 28 and Calloway’s was June 20.

An OWI (operating while intoxicated) arrest earns at least a one-game suspension according to Ferentz’s team policy. Mitigating factors — including when it happens, a player’s history and their time in Iowa’s program — could affect the length of the suspension.

Since mid-April 2007, 26 Iowa football players have been arrested or issued citations. Twenty of the players had charges or citations related to alcohol or drug use/possession.

Players haven’t been banned from going into downtown Iowa City, Ferentz said.

“I wouldn’t say banned, but we’re controlling the environment the best we can and trying to explain to guys why the requirements we have right now,” Ferentz said. “I don’t want guys to be in a totally controlled environment their entire careers, but we just all have to understand where we are right now.”



  1. Was that a regularly scheduled pc by Ferentz today or what was that out of?

    I don’t know why but I get an uneasy feeling out that vote of confidence on Jewel’s knee.

    When do you head to Chicago for the Big Tens

  2. Always on the job Marc. I pumped up. Ever the eternal optimist but this is our year for a ton of fun & excitement. I do wonder exactly “what” optimistically hopeful means exactly?! For you ligament experts what could still be “possible” that would be a concern? Mental or physical?!?!

    I say to myself this is coach speak for he is, fine it was just a scare but incase something unforeseen happens we are going to hedge. Language, human nature and evasive rhetoric are my specialty………….J! So my thought is this is more of that.

    Does anyone have any anecdotes or hearsay about how hard the team worked this off-season? I started to email a guy I know from my days of posting on the lounge that goes to the summer football banquet. Hoping he could update me on the wall of records, but I felt a little creepy after the fact. Plus I couldn’t find his email address……..LOL.

    I do remember him or someone saying Angerer has the Lb record for the 40 at 4.57 if memory serves plus a host of others? Ironically enuff I don’t think Edds is near that fast yet he has great burst, mobility and hip swivel on the field showing 40’s often mean bumpkus about how fast a kid plays. I can’t wait to see a few of these Frosh as well!!!


  3. I think don’t think they know anything definitively yet, that’s why the cautiously optimistic.

  4. Word has it the entire team ‘suffered’ for Calloway’s stupidity; and you can be rest assured that there is now at least one “enforcer” in the locker room…just ask Doering 😉

  5. Well they would obviously know if it was a full tear so what does that leave, a partial tear? Some cartilage breaking loose, a little inflammation or knee contusion? Vacuousness is also the friend of a coach, salesman, politician etc, etc, etc…………………..LOL All the same I’m still pumped up!


  6. Herkuleez,

    Well that sounds salacious now doesn’t it? This team needs someone or “someones” to say this is what we are and this is what we are going to do. If that has been happening during the off-season workouts this team will be fine. Not to mention the off the field stuff will begin to disappear completely.


  7. […] The Cedar Rapids Gazette’s Marc Morehouse has some quotes in his blog from Kirk Ferentz regarding Jewel Hampton’s knee […]

  8. I take it KF is keeping the Donahue Heisman campaign under wraps for the time being? Probably a wise move. You don’t want to play your cards too soon.

  9. That’s exactly what he said, MF.

  10. thank god for your hawkeye blog and all the updates of iowa football. if not for them everybody who lives outside the state of iowa would never know a thing of what is going on outside of jesus christ (tim tebow) and the coverage of one man…

    its bad enough that we have had to listen to this for what is going on the 5th year …and its not even august and we are now engrossed with jesus christ (tim tebows) virginity?

    it has come down to this?

    whats next tim tebow the musical?

    you better shape up,
    cause you need a man
    you need a man,
    Who can keep him satisfied
    you better shape up, if I’m gonna prove
    You better prove, that your faith is justified
    Are you sure?
    Yes I’m sure down deep inside

    You’re the one that they want
    ooh ooh ooh, honey
    The one they need
    oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

    seriously the nation has had enough of jesus christ superstar.

    counting down the days jesus christ (tim tebow) is eligible for the draft, the jacksonville bedazzlers take the chosen one with their first pick, then gaturd nation erupts followed immediately by the team moving to LA becoming the LA thugs and jesus christ (tim tebow) disappears among the other kooks of LA never to be seen again

  11. Wow.

  12. LOL, Jone.
    I too suffer from Tebow fatigue. The most overrated player ever.

  13. does the best player on the best team = overrated?

    does tim create the hype or does the media?

    do his teammates and coaches hold him in the highest regard?

    what more in college football can a player do than lead his team to a National Championship and be awrded the Heisman Trophy (all before his senior year begins)?

    he has stayed off the police blotter
    he has graciously answered every inane question
    he gives of himself to his teammates and community

    how is this overrated or sickening?

  14. Jeff Brinson may take over the RB job, if Jewel isn’t at full strength.

    And he’ll be backed up by 2 veterans, Jayme Murphy and Paki O’Meara at tailback.

    Brandon Wegher may get in to the mix alot sooner than the ‘experts’ predicted earlier.

    Go HAWKS!

  15. Honestly you can’t imagine my disdain for the Florida Gators. I try hard not to use the hate word as I think it is a bad precedent especially for something as trivial as a football game. With that said anyone who is mad at Tim is truly just full of sour grapes, jealousy or anti-Jesus Christ. The kid is marvelous and never over bearing about his Faith. In fact he is doing exactly what ALL of us Christians are called to do. Walk the walk, accept blame and criticism gracefully and apologize quickly when we fall of the path and offer the reason (share our FAITH) for our Light when given.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk or call anyone out but this is just silly and makes us look bad when we complain about stuff like this. Tim isn’t claming to be Jesus Christ and to compare him is really crass. Frankly the only things Americans like more than a Hero is dragging that Hero through the mud.

    Lets talk about Iowa football………………………any other behind the scenes thoughts about off season workouts or what not from people.


  16. Alex — You might be right. Brinson is a “live” player. He does his best work when it’s time to hit.

  17. We (Iowa) certainly have our share of high character guys, too. Maybe more than our share. Brinson appears to be one of them. Wouldn’t it be cool if one of our guys began to earn national notoriety for his performance and his integrity.

  18. Tebow is the QB of one of the most talented teams in college football. He is coached by one of the best minds in college football. What is written about him would not be written of him if he played for Syracuse or Iowa State or Indiana.
    I’m tired of the ridiculous hyperbole and I’m tired of you apologists as well. Get a grip on your homoerotic and proselytizing tendencies and see him for what he is. He’s a tight end playing QB for an extremely talented team and an extremely innovative coach.

  19. wow. OK.

    Go Hawks!

  20. I am very much pro Tim Tebow.

    I know that’s going against the grain here. I left him off my Heisman ballot last year and regret it.

    He’s an all-American kid, a great person, a humanitarian, a leader and he can play a little bit, too. (I’m not sure if he’ll translate to the NFL. Brett Favre did a bunch of weird stuff, but never a jump pass.)

    He produces. He’s a winner.

    He’s overhyped. But I’m not going to hold that against him. It’s the nature of the beast. ESPN has made him the face of college football. Florida is THE program right now.

    If you get tired of it, turn off ESPN and turn on the Big Ten Network. No Tebow there.

  21. Jebus — I almost wrote that he’s a TE in the NFL.

    You’re right, he is.

  22. chuck long was as good a qb there ever was while with the hawks but when he went pro it was no go… he was still a very good qb, just didn’t have protection with the lions like he got from the hawks… not sure tebow can last as a pro, even at tight end, but good luck to him if he does go pro someday

  23. Even if his hands are good ( a big if) then he would still need to block as a TE in the NFL. I don’t see him playing beyond this year. THANK YOU JESUS!

  24. Will he get drafted? He’ll get a shot, either way.

    He’ll want to play QB. He doesn’t have the lead in the can to block as an NFL TE. But there’s Owen Daniel of the Texans, former UW QB playing TE in the NFL. He might’ve played some TE for the Badgers, though. I don’t believe he made the transition in the NFL.

  25. With all due respect and I mean that. Pretty much everyone on here are good posters. I’m tired of being called an apologist. I hope my Sons (I have 3) are similar if put in similar situations. Tim has a lot of pub for sure and he handles it brilliantly, just like Albert Pujols and Kurt Warner. They all readily share their Faith just as they are called to do as Christians. Just like I do when afforded the opportunity. With love and respect.

    I love them for it and I’m not surprised others don’t. It’s human nature and is to be expected. It’s even Biblical.


  26. I’m on your side, Chad. It’s OK to run into traffic sometimes. No biggie. Don’t take the internet personally.

    I’ve let the discussion on Tebow’s beliefs go, but please, let’s not attack or be thin skinned.

    It’s football. It’s fun. Yes, Tebow comes with a certain amount of proselytizing. I don’t hold that against players. It’s their moment, their platform.

    Do I use those quotes? I’ve never had to answer that question, and I’ve interviewed Kurt Warner and Zach Johnson, two men who openly talk about their faith on national stages. Seth Olsen kept his faith on his sleeve, but he didn’t make reference in interviews unless he was asked about it.

    I take that back. I interviewed Reggie White after the Super Bowl the Packers won. And I believe I did quote him on that. That’s getting to be a long time ago now.

  27. It is certainly their right to say whatever they want. We have freedom of speech in this country.
    Some of you love it. I, however, don’t love it. I find it condescending and ethnocentric. That is my “belief”.

  28. Marc,

    No problem and honestly I was really just using a little word play. When someone says they are tired of apologists I simply turn it back around and point out the fleetingness of the statement. It obviously cuts both ways and the only person who allows a particular group to be “superior” is that person. It is an internal thing. It’s like being thin skinned or offended. I have to consciously make a decision to be offended. That doesn’t mean people don’t say offensive things but only we can allow ourselves to “feel” offended or that others are superior. Tim doesn’t feel superior nor do I. In fact as you well know marc, we feel thankful.

    The rest is spin by those who don’t like it.


  29. Now THAT is some spin!

    Ever wonder why Columbus Day isn’t a big holiday with Native Americans?

  30. Nope……………………He also wasn’t a true Born again Christian…………..Nor were many of those fighting the holy wars I’d imagine.


  31. Honestly jebus anything else you should probably just email to me. This isn’t the place for it and honestly I can do this all day. I have been on both sides of this debate and there are few things that can be said that I haven’t either thought at one time or heard. I used to be just like you and now I’ve seen a better way in my opinion.

    You really can’t offended me and I’d really enjoy a pleasant dialogue with you if you care to have it. I can point out all the amazing things I found while researching my Faith. Including non-Non biblical sources and it really is difficult to NOT believe after you’ve began an honest heart felt search for the Truth.

    Here is my email address……


  32. PS……………………obviously I’m not above being passionate and condescending so if I was I do apologize. That isn’t Christ in me but rather my weak, sinful self. My “next” comment wasn’t made with love clearly!


  33. Ethnocentric, maybe. Condescending? That’s a tougher sell.

  34. No hard feelings here, Chad. In fact I’m glad you’re happy. Please just be happy to yourself. I’ve been around the block a couple o’ times, Bud.
    One thing to note: You should probably be careful about insulting Catholics AND Native Americans.

    Sorry that we sullied your board with this, Marc.

  35. No problem, Jebus.

  36. An amusing dichotomy here is that both atheists and dogmatic religious folks are quick to feel like they’re in the gross minority or, at the very least, underrepresented. Both tend to feel extremely threatened by the other. The atheists look around themselves and realize that they truly are in the minority … but they thank god (humor intended there) that the government is at least secular. Then you have the dogmatic religious folks who truly are in the majority … but because the government is, in principle, secular … they then feel undermined and often un-empowered.

    If folks weren’t so darn scared of difference, if folks were willing to keep dialogues open and friendly, and if folks would be willing to discard some of their foolish prejudices … such a dichotomy would probably not exist.

  37. 3 times a Day I pray towards New York, for it is the holy land of our lord and savior, Shonn Greene.

  38. Tebow is still overrated. ; o )

  39. Back to the topics at hand…………. I concur Tebow is likely NOT an NFL Quaterback. All the same people tell me all the time (Iowa & ISU fans alike) being a great Pro has nothing to do with talent in College. This is always after I have pointed out how good a recruiter KF obviously is considering we have so many NFL alumni. But they do have a point to a degree as there have been some outstanding college players that lead their teams to lots of wins even when people knew they weren’t likely Pros. All the same I’d take a roster full of future NFL players as opposed to terrific college players.


  40. You need the right mix.

    Most of the Ferentz-era NFLers are self-made guys — Sanders, Clark, Gallery. Those are the best stories and those are the people that fuel the engine when it’s hot as hell in August and they’re lifting and running.

  41. “”””””Those are the best stories and those are the people that fuel the engine when it’s hot as hell in August and they’re lifting and running.”””””””

    Touché good friend touché. Iowa needs several of those every year, because it is them that drive this team’s attitude and physicality. I think most would agree Iowa’s teams have gotten more athletic seemingly every year. Yet there for awhile we lost that passion, drive and Iowa attitude.


  42. Mark,

    You need put the following message board under Iowa Media:

    This is the non-corporate site without secret mods.


  43. AT — I thought I had that one up there.

    I’m going to wait a little while. My blog is moving this weekend. I’ll put up a post later. I’m not sure I’ll be able to offer the links I now offer, but I’m nagging them.

    Bear with me through the move.

  44. The people who predict that Timmy Tebow won’t play in the NFL are simply delusional.

    It reminds me of Tim Dwight’s senior season, at Iowa. I’m walking away from Kinnick Stadium and this bozo walking near me says ‘Dwight had better get with it, or he won’t be in the NFL’. (I guess the Hawkeyes lost that day.)

    By the way, did Tim Dwight play what…..only about 10 years in the NFL.

    NFL coaches and owners are giddy and cannot hide their lust for a player of Tim Tebow’s talent and his character, as a Christian man.

  45. Alex, yes, it was 10 years. I think he’s entertaining thoughts of one more run, but I might be wrong on that.

  46. Sports Illustrated, (not recommened reading, typically, from me) has a very good article on Tim Tebow, in the back of their current issue. Unfortunately, things are sure to get tough to Timmy soon. They also put him on their cursed front cover, this month.

    Tim Tebow? 2 Heismans? 2 National Championships? Superman is REAL!

  47. […] Jewel Hampton injury story is over, at least until Friday’s  media day. Yes, he suffered an injury on July 3. It […]

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