Posted by: marcmwm | July 27, 2008

What do you say to this e-mail?

I just got this e-mail. I can’t argue with the logic. I know there are genuine Hawkeyes fans out there with a healthy perspective on life. They see an inexcusable run of behavior from Iowa football players and they see a stain, an unhealthy ring in the tree that is their favorite team.

They see this and they can’t reconcile it. They want action. They want a change at the top.

What do you say to this e-mail, which is a response to my Saturday story out of Chicago?

This is going to cost Iowa some good fans, good people who are good fans of Iowa sports. That’s a really big deal in my mind.


We know that Iowa has a history of players who are real students; real people of high moral and ethical standards.  That is why the Ferentz Rogue gallery has become so offensive.  And now we are going to hire a life skill’s coach to teach players not to run down the streets naked when chased by police, that is wrong to use other people’s credit cards and that sexual assault is a no-no.  Lets face it, the program is out of control and the man who should be in control has to go if we really care about all of the decent guys who wear the black and gold.

(I took the name out until he gives me permission to use it)



  1. Seems like a cogent thought process to me. Don’t kow that Ferentz has to go, but I do know this. He has to start recruiting athletes of better character.

    After three miraculous seasons there was no doubt great pressure to continue the program at that level. But I suggest you keep recruiting the Dallas Clarks and Nate Kaedings of the world and hope for the rare years when talent potential meshes with good character and you achieve great success on the field. Iowa can’t compete with Ohio State, Michigan, Forida and Southern Cal year in, year out. Bringing in athletes of questionable character in an attempt to do so is folly. And it’s brought the state the wrong kind of headlines.

    Athletes are a pampered lot. They’re fawned on and catered to, which can be quite heady for a hormone-heavy kid in his late teens. Keep the potential for disaster down by recruiting the best kids who also happen to be good athletes.

    You might not make $2 million a year with that recipe, but I think you can live just fine in Iowa City on $1 million.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the pampered notion. The stroking starts in eighth grade and only intensifies at the university level.

    Iowa’s greatest success stories under Ferentz are guys who ate a lot of poo and made it only through hard work. The humility those guys had was born of the work and it was genuine.

    Now, finding that chemistry and winning enough to keep fans happy, donors satisfied and Kinnick Stadium full is worth $3 million a year. That guy coached here just a few years ago. Does he still? That’s one of the storylines for this season.

    And thanks for contributing, Dale!

  3. People who question Ferentz’s character haven’t been paying attention for the last 9 years.

    I have to say I’m really tired of reading comments from people disparaging the program that have no interest in said program but are now suddenly “fed up”. Their righteous indignation is laughable. At best their commentary is pretentious and at worst it’s malicious.

    Ferentz is an easy target because he makes a good deal of money and the media has had a field day fomenting the “feigned” discontent of those who don’t follow athletics or who follow rival teams.

  4. Yes, to say Ferentz has suddenly turned into a cover-upper is grievous. The man’s character has been demonstrated over and over and over again.

    To think he’d throw it all away for not only these two but for any player is plain wrong.

    I’ve covered coach Ferentz for 10 years. We don’t exchange Christmas cards and on a few occasions things have been prickly, but I feel I can genuinely write that he is a good, decent man. Still, he needs to find the disconnect. That’s another thing people need to know, everything is being scrubbed down, as far as programming, recruiting and life skills (not a panacea, but the life skills coach is a proactive move).

    They’re not going to run the spread offense, but off the field, it’s red alert and changes are being made.

    Thanks for contributing, Jebus. If you’re the guy from BHGP, love your site. The one where you had Zook and Brewster talking to each other was sublime. Keep us laughing.

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