Posted by: marcmwm | July 28, 2008

And then there was one . . .

Iowa has lost West Des Moines Valley offensive lineman David Barrent to Michigan State, according to

Here’s a link to the headline on Rivals’ site:

These verbal commitments are non-binding. They don’t mean anything until the signed LOI arrives in football offices the first Tuesday in February.

Of course, you guys know that.


Here’s the story I wrote when he committed to Iowa back on May 3:

If everything goes as planned, you’ll know David Barrent because of his ability to tear things down. As a University of Iowa offensive lineman, that’ll be his job.

But one of the big reasons Barrent committed to play for the Hawkeyes on Saturday is a future of building things up. The West Des Moines Valley junior wants to major in engineering and someday be a mechanical engineer.

“I’m good at math and I love science,” said Barrent, who carries a 3.77 GPA and recently scored a 30 on the ACT, “so engineering seems like a good fit.”

Barrent called Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz on Friday and told him that Iowa was the winner over Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Iowa State and Nebraska. Illinois offered first back in February and finished second for Barrent with Michigan State in third.

The Barrent family made all their visits this spring, including a handful to Iowa City, and David felt Iowa was the best fit.

“It was the best mix of what I wanted for academics and for football,” Barrent said. “I see everything I needed to see and decided to make the choice now.”

Barrent, a 6-foot-8, 290-pound tackle, said the opportunity to play early is there for him. He played left offensive tackle last season for Valley, which went 11-1 and made it to the Class 4A state semifinals.

Iowa will have five seniors in the preliminary two-deep for the 2009 season.

“You look at the depth chart and the numbers, there’s a chance to play early,” Barrent said. “Hopefully, with a year under (Iowa strength and conditioning coach) Chris Doyle, it can happen.” gives Barrent four stars on a scale of five. Rivals also ranked him among the top 250 players in the nation.

Barrent is the second commitment for the Hawkeyes’ 2009 recruiting class. He joins Toledo, Ohio, running back Brad Rogers who committed earlier this week.


I think this is a big deal. This makes it OK for Iowa kids (Keenan Davis, Jordan Cotton, Drew Clark, Brandon Wegher and others) to say no to Iowa. Not saying that’ll happen, but now there’s precedent.

According to Rivals, Barrent likes the recruiting class the Spartans coming in. Also, he called Iowa today and said the coaches “weren’t happy.” Barrent said Iowa left the door open but added “I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Barrent says he still has great respect for coach Kirk Ferentz and his program. Ah, “great respect,” recruiting’s painful door prize.

Iowa still has Ohio running back Brad Rogers.

How big of a deal is this?



  1. This is huge. He was the Iowa kid in the clubhouse where others could follow suit. Now, who knows what will happen with the Iowa standouts.

  2. I also think this could be buffered by commitments from Boffeli (I think that’s his name, off the top of my head) of WD Valley and Drew Clark from Marion.

    Both are OL. They don’t have the stars that Barrent has, however. But stars are for entertainment purposes only.

  3. The timing of this is awfully interesting.

    The ironic part is that the people who, for some reason have an ax to grind with Iowa athletics, will not fully appreciate the loss of this recruit that they helped guide away. It means nothing to the vast majority of posters I’ve seen excoriating the athletic department and the university president because they likely don’t follow football, let alone Iowa football.

    One other thing….a lot of “fans” on the sites absolutely crucified Reilly Reiff after his arrest. If I were a recruit, that might sway me. The kid had to much to drink and ran from the cops. He didn’t molest anyone and didn’t steal the crown jewels though you’d think he did from people’s reaction.

    I lied….one more thing…..I’m not the Jebus from BHGP. Funny you should mention that site. I didn’t know of its existence until this week. Can’t say I’m a fan. My one visit this week led me to find some drama major calling for the heads of everyone employed by the U of I. (Nice reporting chicken little, whoever you are) I’ve posted under Jebus/Jeebs on the press citizen site for several years now.

  4. Hey, welcome, either way.

    I think the degree of “trouble” notion is interesting.

    Certainly, the felony arrests are way out of bounds. All those guys (Douglas, Bowman, Cleveland, Everson, Satterfield) never played another down and were, in all but Bowman’s case I believe, never allowed back in the Iowa football complex. So, that’s a plus for Ferentz, in my mind. It’s not like that elsewhere in the Big Ten.

    How much of a “feel” do recruits get from a fan base? Likely, it’s a mix from their visit (or visits) and the internet. I think people do sometimes poo poo the notion that the ‘net influences recruits. It’s a click away on their home computer. It’s an instant view/recruiting book into whatever university.

    The guys who run the Iowa sites are responible and run their sites with an eye toward this. But the ridicule still seeps out.

    When there’s something negative to write, I write it. I don’t celebrate it or rub a guy’s nose in it. Not everyone in the anonymous world of the ‘net has the same discretion.

    That’s what makes it interesting and fun sometimes, but it’s what also could cast Iowa in a negative light. I say “could” because I can’t quantify how much it does affect recruits.

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