Posted by: marcmwm | July 21, 2009

The Big Hurt

Here’s a link to the Denison Bulletin Review’s coverage of Denison-Schleswig’s Class 3A district baseball victory over Harlan last Friday.

The big dude in the picture is D-S’s Brandon Scherff. He’s better known on this blog as an Iowa 2010 offensive line recruit. I believe he’s in the 6-6, 6-7 range and 290-300 pounds. That helmet looks like it’s straining.



  1. Is Brandon Scherff projected to Offensive Tackle, already, or is there a chance he might go TE. Perhaps he ends up as one big offensive guard and another NFL former Hawkeye, like Bradley Fletcher and Brandon Myers.

    Go Hawks

  2. Perfect title for this entry. He’s an impressive young man, physically.

  3. Alex — I assuming OT or OG, but I don’t know. I hope to talk to him next week sometime. This week has gotten nutty.

  4. Michael — Yeah, that’s a big dude. He started his prep career as a QB.

  5. Thats a big boy.

  6. I don’t recall a 300 lb recruit with the athleticism and quickness to play baseball.

    Does he play tennis, too? That would be an interesting picture.

    And this guy (who isn’t fat) hasn’t been in a lifting regime yet. Holy cow.

  7. A lot of people were impressed by the “stars” next to the Donnel’s (sp?) name; the recruit from Ohio, but I have to say the upside of this kid from Dennison is pretty exciting.

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