Posted by: marcmwm | July 9, 2009

Maybe we’ll have flying cars

According to the Dallas Morning News, North Texas will play the Hawkeyes at Kinnick Stadium in 2015 and 2017.

Go to the DMS site for the story. Thanks to the Wiz of Odds for the link and the heads up.

I’m out of the office and don’t have link capability.

The Monday update on Jewel stands. It’s wait and see.



  1. Link to the story on the DMS web site:

  2. Thank you, Mike. I’m on a cell phone with one bar.

  3. What … you think you get a vacation or something. Slacker

  4. And fly around with hot, blue alien chicks??

  5. Then Capt. James T Kirk will be around hooking up with those hot blue aliens.

  6. Hoping that CJ Fiedorwitz will be enshrined in the Iowa Hawkeye Hall of Fame in 2015. (Because he wised-up, changed his mind in January 2009, when IOWA won the Rose Bowl, while the Illini sat at home for NO Bowl Game, just like in 2008)


  7. Whoa, guess that would be after the 2010 Rose Bowl……………stand corrected.

    Why would CJ pick the Illini, after they went to NO BOWL GAME in 2009? I know he’s from Illinois and it’s tough for him to tell them no, however, IOWA is the place for Tight Ends.

    Dallas Clark, Brandon Myers, Scott Chandler, Tony Moeaki, etc

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