Posted by: marcmwm | July 7, 2009

Scherff a Hawkeye

The gentlemen at are reporting that Denison-Schleswig High School’s Brandon Scherff is a Hawkeye.

He’s a 6-6, 300-pound OL and Iowa’s ninth commitment. He had offers from Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri Kansas and Nebraska.



  1. Dude played QB for awhile at Denison, which speaks to his athleticism and is totally hilarious. If I were coach I’m pretty sure I’d immediately start bringing him in at QB at the end of blowouts just because it would be funny (and because I kinda miss Nate Chandler). This is reason number 84534 why I should never be a coach.

  2. I thought I remembered reading that he played QB. ISU O-lineman Ben Lamaak also played QB @ CR Kennedy. Scherff is 6-6, 300 now. This is an interesting prospect.

    If Iowa can wrangle Derby and Dawson, that’s a tremendous haul from the state of Iowa alone.

  3. In Scherff’s case it was only for 3 games or so, and then they moved him to TE. Still makes for an awesome visual though.

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