Posted by: marcmwm | July 6, 2009

Coleman off to Lamar

Here’s the link.

Would he have been the MLB here in 2011 and 2012?

I think so.

Iowa coaches probably will go after another LB in recruiting.



  1. Hmmm, I guess that he will be redshirting the ’09 season since the Odom’s (not really) don’t currently have a football team. They are in the process of bringing back the team and will resume play in 2010.

    He could have accomplished the same thing by staying put…oh well, good luck Jacody.



  2. I think the rise in lower-level college football programs is an interesting story, a la Iowa Western.

  3. Interesting story on the channel 13 news last night – Jewel Hampton apparently ran up a flight of stairs when a reporter asked him how his knee was doing.

    Granted, it was only the stairs to his apartment, and not running from the field to the top at Kinnick, but I would imagine that it would be hard to run up anything with a swollen/injured knee.

  4. That reporter was from The Des Moines Rag. Nice.
    He actually went to Jewel’s apartment?

    Kirk will have something to say about that.

    I really hate that paper.

  5. How much of a wretch does this throw in the offense if Hampton is out for the 2009?

  6. The fact that Jewel ran up a flight of stairs must mean there’s some stability. It might be a few weeks before we know anything concrete. He still has an MRI scheduled, but who knows, maybe they dodged a bullet.

    Paul — Yes, that won’t go unnoticed.

    Doug — I’ve never had an knee ligament injury, but from talking to people who have, and I’ve heard from quite a few in the last couple days, it seems that no matter the test, trainers have a pretty good idea right away. And stability is the biggest issue, not mobility. As you point it, a flight of stairs isn’t Kinnick Stadium on a Saturday.

    I think we’re in wait-and-see mode now. We know there was an injury. We don’t know the extent. Certainly, running up a flight of stairs is a positive.

    Brad — Wait and see, with the entire running game.

    I think the bigger issue now is the offensive line through the non-conference season. I believe Julian’s injury is a biceps.

  7. JV scares me more than JH right now.

  8. In light of Calloway and Vandervelde, what will the starting O-line look like for UNI?

    My guess is that Calloway receives a three game suspension for his DUI.

    Go Hawks!

  9. Agree, E. Check above post.

    AM — I think you could be right. The only mitigating factor is this is Calloway’s first incident (that I know of).

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