Posted by: marcmwm | July 4, 2009

This seems like a good time for a rerun

Get to know Jeff Brinson.

And maybe read up on Brandon Wegher.

While you’re at it, Brad Rogers is a pretty interesting guy.

Don’t think I have stories on Paki O’Meara and Adam Robinson. Probably would’ve been a good idea for just such a time.

EDIT: Sorry about the Wegher link. It’s fixed now.


  1. Gee Marc, I am confused…why would you be re-posting these things?!? Wouldn’t happen to be that nasty rumor that has been swirling is now more than a nasty rumor, would it?



  2. William — I do not have the whole story yet. This is coming from both websites — and They don’t just trot this kind of thing out there for fun. That, coupled with what I’ve been able to gather, leads me to believe this isn’t a drill. But degree and timing, no, I do not know that, so I’m being cautious with this story.

  3. William, I was attempting to be tongue-in-cheek but apparently did a bad job at it. Maybe I should have thrown in a couple of emoticons for effect.

    I understand what Marc was doing. Believe me, I have no more information than anyone else and surely less that Marc but the rumor is on every Hawkeye site out there so I am sure there is plenty to it.

    Bottom line, I attempted a bit of levity and apparently it came off as sarcasm. My bad.



  4. I think I was the target here, Sean. No worries, either way. No need to apologize.

  5. Well he did strain it in the spring didn’t he? hopefully it’s just reoccurrence of that problem and not an ACL issue.

  6. %^&#@!#$% this is NOT how i wanted to start my sunday.

    someone put a hex on our hawkeyes!!!

    hey, don’t kid yourself sean…the sarcasm was well played. keep it up!

  7. Sam — In the spring, I believe it was a hamstring injury.

    I’ve got one half-way decent confirm on this. Looking for more.

  8. I’ve been able to confirm that something happened. I’m not exactly sure what yet. I’m trying to be very cautious here.

  9. Marc-
    I know you will let us know when you find out what exactly happened, but are you hearing the worst case scenario or better case scenario?

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Go Hawks!

  10. AM — I’ve been told that it’s too early. MRI is Monday. Coaches are out of town, so I don’t know what will be made official and when.

    This is one of those times when I try to respect the privacy of those involved. People want to know stuff, too, but it’s a fine line that I really try to respect.

    Right now, I know something happened Friday. I don’t know all the details.

  11. Thanks again for keeping us informed. I appreciate your ethical approach to the situation and your reluctance to start writing things before receiving final word from the staff.

    If the MRI outcome is a bad one, do you think this leads to the possibility of Wegher getting snaps at RB?

    Go Hawks!

  12. I think Wegher might’ve seen snaps anyway.

    I think Brandon is put together and has been participating in strength and speed training since a fairly young age.

    If he comes in at 205 or 210, I think he’ll be able to stand up to the Big Ten. I’m not saying he’s a 20-carry back, but maybe as many as 10 touches (rush, receiving and returning) if he proves effective. I want to see what his weight is coming out of fall camp.

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