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Coleman leaving Iowa

University of Iowa linebackers Jacody Coleman (55) and Pat Angerer (43) during football media day on Monday, August 4, 2008.

University of Iowa linebackers Jacody Coleman (55) and Pat Angerer (43) during football media day on Monday, August 4, 2008.

Junior linebacker Jacody Coleman is leaving the Iowa program, is reporting.

Coleman, a 6-3, 240-pound middle linebacker, considered leaving the team in the spring. He came back with the idea that he was going to redshirt this season. Apparently, that fell through. HR’s Tom Kakert is reporting that Coleman is headed to a school in the Houston area. Coleman is a native of Beaumont, Texas.

I asked coach Kirk Ferentz about Coleman’s status in May.

“He was working today and as far as I know, he’s all set to go,” Ferentz said. “Players are always reflective this time of year. It’s a common time of year for that.”

This probably activates Jeff Tarpinian, a junior fighting for time with Jeremiha Hunter at WLB, and Troy Johnson, a junior behind A.J. Edds at OLB.

Coleman went into the 2008 season in a tight battle with Angerer for the MLB spot. Angerer won it in about week 3 and went on to become all-Big Ten. Coleman, a member of the leadership group last season, finished the season with 28 tackles.

Eight players have now left the Iowa program since the beginning of the 2008 season — Coleman, Anthony Schiavone, Diauntae Morrow, Lance Tillison, Dezman Moses, Shane Prater, Khalif Staten and DeMarco Paine. Paine, who’s at Iowa Central, is the only player who intends to return to Iowa.

EDIT: From Jim (see below), I neglected Jake Christensen and Jason Semmes. So, that’s 10 since the beginning of last season.



  1. Damn. That’s almost as many as left the basketball program!

  2. Uhg!

    I really liked Coleman.

  3. It sucks, but he wasn’t set to contend for playing time again until 2010. It sounded before like he disagreed with Coach Wilson about something … and that disagreement probably was never resolved. My bet is that Coleman probably felt that he should have been the next guy in on the LB rotation and that wasn’t necessarily the case with having quality guys like Tarp and Nielsen on board.

    Anyhow, it hurts our depth at LB in 2010, however, money says that Tarp just moves over the the MIKE spot. A starting group of Nielsen, Tarpinian, and Hunter still is a pretty darn formidable group. Considering that we also have backups like Johnson and Bruce Davis … along with probably a few TR FR pushing for positional reps … I think that we’ll still be okay.

  4. Door….butt….good luck kid.

  5. Oh, almost forgot…


  6. Marc you forgot to add Semmes and Christensen to your list at the end.

  7. I agree with homer that the Hawkeyes will be OK without Coleman. That said, I really love the way that he flew around the field with reckless abandon.

    It is a shame to lose a talented player like that.



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  9. Jim — Yes, forgot those two. That’s 10.

  10. Should we be worried about all the departures?

  11. I’m not sure, HF. There is always going to be a certain amount of attrition. How much is too much? I’m not sure. I think this is within reason. What happened to the 2005 class? That was above average.

    But it does erode the overall talent base that a team has available. Iowa would be a better team is these guys were still around.

    The cultural question is certainly going to be asked.

  12. 1-AA team Jacody will be playing this fall. Great young man and will be missed tremendously by the program. Leadership member (2nd year), very good student with a 3.4 + GPA, Mom and young Sister moved to I.C. to be closer to Jacody last year, several factors involved in his transfer but more so a young lady that would not leave him alone… to the point of stalking and accusations being made. Many of you have wonderful ideas and thoughts as to why things happen with these young men. Remember, that’s all it is!

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