Posted by: marcmwm | July 1, 2009

Liveblog chat thingie 2 p.m. Thursday

This was Scott’s idea and it’s a good one.

Please join Scott Dochterman, Mike Hlas and me here at 2 p.m. Thursday. Iowa football, basketball and whatever else Hawkeyes will be on the agenda.

I just hope I remember how to log in. Also, I hope I’m off the Kalona golf course by then. And . . . I hope for the sake of my marriage that I don’t stop in Riverside and buy that Scotty Cameron putter I tried Wednesday (it was money!).

We’re in the home stretch here, folks. Just more than three weeks until Big Ten media days.



  1. Buy it, Marc. If not, take a look on Ebay for that specific model. You can get some steals on Scotty Cameron putters on Ebay.

    Go Hawks!

  2. I got one in my garage I’ll sell ya.

  3. Thanks all for chatting. It was a lot of fun, as it always is.

    Shot a 39 at Kalona today and stopped at Riverside. I’ll have to take the fifth after that.

  4. Shot a 95 from the tips at Brown Deer. I hate that course.

  5. Marc or others in the know,

    Terrific chat and you guys all give great effort and passion in this arena. Quick question, can you give any insight to us poor, dumb Hawkeye fans on the outside looking in? It was queried during the chat about players that have impressed during workouts & you mentioned Reiff. You know my hot button has been the team’s effort, attitude and out of season “work” so I am wondering do you have any anecdotes or even light rumblings about the effort or team chemistry?

    Has Stanzi continued to progress mentally/leadership wise like he had appeared to do in the spring? Has he been throwing with the WR’s?

    Has Angerer & Edds seized leadership of the team, are Clayborn and Ballard still pushing the D-line like it seems they were in the spring?

    I’m going on Vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks on Saturday and I’m jonesing for an Iowa fix before hand. I know my Dad is going to ask me copious amounts of questions when I get there…….J


  6. That’s not bad, MF. I’d take that there. From the tips? What, are you on steriods?!?!?!?!

  7. Chad — I think Stanzi has always been an excellent leader. I don’t think he needs to grow in this aspect. He’s a great kid with a great head and a terrific sense of self, what he can and can’t do. I think what we saw from Stanzi last year and what we’ll see this year is the way he’s always been. I think we’ll see growth in his game. He can grow there.

    Angerer has taken a leadership role. I’m not sure how to articulate it, but he’s a force in the lockerroom. Edds has always been one of those “lead by example” guys. Haven’t heard anything on Clayborn and Ballard, both of whom strike me as “example” guys.

    I’m not sure what to make of the “weights” thing out there on the net. It’s plausible, but I don’t know if for fact.

    What else? Binns and Reisner were allowed to talk to John Campbell during KCRG’s sports telecast last night. Binns said he was heavier, I think maybe he said 250-something. I’ve always liked Reisner. He had a lot thrown at him early in his career and he never buckled. I’d love for him to have a big year.

  8. Not steroids. Just stupid. One of the guys I was playing with always has to play from the tips. BD isn’t bad from back there with the exception of #9. A 245-yd par 3 with no room to bail out is just not fun.

  9. Thanks Marc,

    You are very expedient and giving to your blog readers. It has occurred to me that it is probably a lot of work and time.

    I really don’t know anything about this “weights” thing and if it is about the supposed fight I saw mentioned for the 1st time on the chat then it is what it is and I guess I don’t really care. Sometimes people pushing others to excel or get “with it”, causes anxt!

    I agree about Reisner as I am continually amazed at these 2 star kids who come in and play right away. Especially a “late” signee like him. I also see the relevance of KF letting him and Binns talk with the media, as he apparently trusts them.

    I have said it ad nauseam and I know it is intangible, almost ethereal but this teams success will be made with their attitudes coming in. I am a “homer” but I’m not unrealistic either. The D-line play will be fine even if Bigach, Daniels, Hundertmark are just average (I don’t believe they will all be average “just” either) We have enuff versatility and coaching there that I believe we will be at least as good as the line play in 2005.

    I believe Hampton (even though he has got some press) is even better than people hope. I watched the PU & Minne game on BTN recently and he had some tough early yards. The kid will be a stud and if Brinson is as good as you or others think we are fine talent wise everywhere. Center is a minor concern but we’ll have at least a decent one anyway.

    Attitude, focus & Chemistry…………………the 2006 team was a train wreck in this regard and the 2005 team in my mind was a tick full of them selves and we still almost won 9, 2007 was a perfect storm……..(weeding out the bad apples, inconsistent line and QB play, with a D that was asked to do it all).

    If we are ready, we will win 9 games with the others being a crapshoot that we will be in. If not it isn’t impossible we go 6-6. I’ve seen better more talented teams lay down.


  10. I know 9. Elevated green with swampy stuff short and right and creek or weeds left. Trees behind, IIRC.

    Last time I played, I was short, which wasn’t bad. Actually, last time I played, I had two birdies, both on the back (par 5 that twists around water and the uphill par 4). I like that memory.

  11. Bigach, Hundertmark and Daniels — gotta hit the lotto with one of those guys. By “lotto” I don’t mean all-Big Ten, I mean solid contributor with maybe seven tackles for loss and someone who takes up bodies and controls gap on a trusty basis.

    Props for using the word “ethereal,” Chad! I think that’s a good word for what you’re getting at. A sound mind is as important as a sound body.

  12. “””””””””Bigach, Hundertmark and Daniels — gotta hit the lotto with one of those guys””””””””””””

    On that note Mark, what are you feeling or hearing here. I thought it was significant that Hundertmark played as a true frosh. Has he not progressed thru his RS year?!?! Also Bigach has the feel of that “typical” 2 star Iowa guy who blows up. As for Daniels I didn’t follow him close enuff last year. He seems to have the athleticism and the build but anything else I say I’d be making up.

    I’d guess a lineup of Ballard, Clayborn, Binns, Klug will cause problems but they will need “air” for sure. This is where Geary’s injury hurts. Though don’t you agree based on history it would be more unusual for Iowa to “not” to have a D-linemen or two step up
    than the other way around?!?!

    I love coach Kaz and I don’t think he gets enuff pub. Plus Norm has knack for finding defenders as a rule. I honestly think center concerns me more than here.


    PS………What about other guys out on the Edge, anything positive out there besides the known entities. Harrell maybe?!?!

  13. I don’t like the fact that Hundertmark sat out nearly all of last year and spring with a shoulder injury.

    How much weightroom growth can a guy have with a bum shoulder? But I’ll wait and see. Door is certainly open.

    LeBron Daniel is one to watch on the edge. Norm was way high on him this spring.

  14. I apparently missed that about Lebron. I had hoped coming in he might progress, as he seemed to have that athleticism and frame to be an edge rusher. He adds another dimension. All we need is another big body for switch ups and we should be fine.I’m i9n the minority here I’m sure but I am honestly more excited about Binns and Klug as I think they are more disruptive. Ballard and Clayborn are likely more consistent.

    Can you enlighten me on Troy Johnson? Here is a guy that is listed at 3rd string yet he plays as much or more than Nielsen and on important downs. That TD strip vs ISU was paramount. Is he just a Pass specialist and they trust Nielsen more overall?

    Can Swanson excel if need be, I’m already pretty confident with Cato?


  15. Short and left is the only place you can miss on #9. It doesn’t set up well for someone who struggles to keep the ball from drifting right. We started the day on #10 so #9 was our finishing hole. I tried to hit a 4w (the only fairway wood I carry) to the front left and lost it to the right in the swamp. Ended up 3-putting for a triple.

    Only birdie of the day was #17.

  16. No. 17, the par 3, downhill, right?

    I had a birdie on No. 6 at Kalona yesterday. It’s a par 5 with a blind second shot. I nearly put it on the green.

    Wanted to get out today, but decided to work instead.

  17. Why the confidence in Cato? People are running high on him. I haven’t seen enough, especially in game situations.

    Swanson? He’s the clear No. 2, but I’ve only seen him play once.

    Troy Johnson was hurt in the spring. He played special teams last season. Maybe he moves ahead of Nielsen, who also say out some of spring. There’s plenty of depth at LB.

  18. Good question on Cato. I may have bought into the hype, but I gauge a lot of my impressions on “youngsters” on when the coaches let them play. On that end when they let a true Frosh play in a fairly talented 2ndary early on (still had Morrow, Tillison and Dalton at that time) and even in some still somewhat critical situations it suggests to me the staff are fairly confident in him physically and mentally. On that note I think our defensive coaches all across the board are almost beyond reproach (of course no one is completely infallible so don’t have me committed) and they know Sfty’s, Lbers and D-linemen in particular.

    Yes we are very talented at Lber and I know Nielsen is a sensational athlete at a position loaded with athletes. Troy just seems to play a lot in coverage situations. I also wonder if Davis will be good enuff to keep Jacody on the Red Shirt shelf and I was very pleased with Hunter last year so I wonder how good an experienced Tarpinian could be if he is as quick and fast as they say.

    I also think Lowe has a shot to be very solid and I personally think Prater is a future start. I think Bernstein is serviceable, but Prater gets it. Just not when he is drunk…LOL.


  19. The heck with it I’m throwing caution to the wind. this team is going to rock…….LOL. I just read that article on Rivals by Blair about Hampton & I’m telling you he WILL be a stud. The only thing stopping him is carries for Brinson and possibly Wehger. (I’ve heard Robinson is more than serviceable as well).

    Talk about eerie; I had forgotten he replaced a record setting back as a senior in high school. While, get this, he ran for 513 yards as a Junior and then 2095 as a senior with a rebuilt line. He runs hard, hard, hard………………………center?!??! Will we have a very good center or a serviceable one that is my major concern?


  20. Hampton said during recruiting that he runs “angry.”

    I think he’s lived up to that.

    Hey, on Cato, that’s certainly sound logic, Chad. I can’t argue with that.

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