Posted by: marcmwm | June 29, 2009

HawkeyeReport: Hoch picks Hawkeyes is reporting that Harlan defensive end Matt Hoch, a 6-foot-5, 230-pounder, has committed to the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Hoch’s brother, Dan, is an offensive lineman at Missouri. Matt picked the Hawkeyes over Mizzou, Stanford, Iowa State and K-State.

According to Quikstats, Hoch had 96 tackles with six tackles for loss (HR had 20 tackles for loss and eight sacks).

Hoch is the Hawkeyes’ eighth commitment for the 2010 recruiting class. Seven of Iowa’s eight commits will begin their college careers on defense. Hoch is the third native Iowa, joining Solon’s James Morris and Ballard’s Austin Vier.

Iowa’s commitment list

(I always do it in the order they commit)

James Morris, LB, 6-2, 215, Solon High School

Austin Gray, LB, 6-2, 220, Fitzgerald High School (Warren, Mich.)

Jim Poggi, LB, 6-2, 215, Gilman School (Baltimore, Md.)

Anthony Ferguson, DT, 6-2, 280, Gilman School (Baltimore, Md.)

Louis Trinca-Pasat, DE, 6-3, 235, Lane Tech (Chicago)

Austin Vier, ATH, 6-7, 220, Ballard High School

Mike Hardy, DL, 6-5, 260, Kimberly High School (Appleton, Wis.)

Matt Hoch, DE, 6-5, 230, Harlan High School


I was told last week the number is 18 for this recruiting class. That can always change, but as of now, that’s the number I was told. Sounds about right.


Here’s a link from Harlan’s 2007 playoff loss against Sioux City Heelan, which was led by a back named Brandon Wegher.



  1. After I get done with golf duties tomorrow (Backbone), I’ll be working on getting interviews with Hardy and Hoch.

  2. Life must be rough with the golf duties, Marc. Is it just me or does it seem as though the recruiting class is getting closer to its magic number of recruits faster than in previous years?

    Go Hawks!

  3. Does that number 18 take into consideration the frosh TE that left last week?
    Thanks. Love the blog.

  4. Yes, AM. I think last year’s success has charged things up.

    The QB remains out there, and a DT or two and the RB Iowa usually takes in a class.

  5. Zach — Yes, it does. I talked to a source last Thursday, after Vier was in. I think Schiavone leaving might’ve factored in Vier’s offer, especially if he remains at TE.

  6. Hey Marc, love the blog. Iowa loses at least 7 OL this year and I think there’s a better than 50% chance Bulaga leaves if he stays healthy this year making it 8 OL potentially gone. Is there a sense they need to land a big name i.e. Seantrel Henderson this year to help plug holes next year. I think Barrent’s de-commit last year really hurts them next year. That looks like the lone soft spot provided Bulaga leaves and Spievey stays. I think they can find replaces for Edds and Angerer. Iowa always seems to find more than capable LBs.

  7. Josh- I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brady or Hoch moving to OL.

  8. Getting Hoch is a big deal. His brother will start for Mizzou at LT this year and loves Columbia. Nice job by our staff getting him in the fold as Mizzou recruited him very aggressively. Note that Mizzou will not stop recruiting him!

    I think Capt. Kirk has seen that college football has trended to more early commitments, thus the emphasis on getting recruits into the fold much earlier than in the past. As Mark points out, last season has helped in that regard.

  9. Marc, How do you see the rest of this class breaking down by position with the remaining 10 or so spots?

  10. Thaihawk –

    I agree about Hardy projecting on the OL (especially at OG) … however, Hoch just reminds me too much of Klug and Kampman to believe that he won’t stick on the DL somewhere.

  11. I agree. I could even see Vier being a tackle a few years down the road but next year is a concern up front. It will be too bad if they have all the pieces in place accept OL, their usually point of strength.

  12. Don’t want to be a downer but I was high on Tyler Blum as well. Didn’t he go to US Army game with those other guys from that 05 class? What happened to him?

    But let’s think positively, another Kampman? I’d like that. How about Devries?

    I hope Vier sticks at TE. He can move for a tall guy. Another Chandler?

  13. Iowa always does a nice job finding lineman (I agree that Hardy will probably move), did a nice job there in the last class, and looks to be in good position with several guys this year (not Henderson, people are kidding themselves if they think Iowa’s getting him).

    I’m much more concerned with the defensive backfield, as it seems like the biggest long-term need by far. It’s fairly thin as it is, and we only got one in last year’s class. Any idea if Iowa’s in good position with any DBs, Marc?

  14. I think Blum left to baseball after he realized he wasn’t going to see much playing time. Remember Gallery came in with almost the exact same attributes as Vier, 6’7″, 220ish and athletic. I’m not saying it’s likely but if Iowa has another nice year and they think Henderson can play as a true frosh, i.e. Dace and Bulaga, he might choose Iowa. Close to home and Iowa of course has a rep for generating O linemen.

  15. Thaihawk –

    Blum suffered from injuries and that was a big factor that hurt him at Iowa. Also, the fact that he had back issues as a TR FR also contributed to him missing his “window of opportunity” on the DL. After that, it seemed that either between health issues and maybe a lack of enthusiasm for OL play are what really got in his way for success.

    That’s why I think that Vier will be successful because he seems rather malleable.

    As for Hoch … I think that he’ll be successful because he really is coming at the right time. Iowa will have plenty of opportunities for him right when he’ll be physically ready to contribute. If he can stay healthy … he’ll have a chance to make a lot of noise for us.

  16. Adam –

    I’m not certain that Iowa’s situation at DB is as dire as you suggest. We don’t have a single SR in the group and contrary to popular opinion, I highly doubt that Spievey will be leaving early.

    We definitely will need a little bolstering of our depth … especially at safety. However, safety seems to be a spot where we’ll likely land some good guys. Heck, to that end, I think that Drake Ferch would make a great safety for us. If Ferch is a “worst case” scenario for us at safety … then we have plenty to be excited about in the 2010 recruiting class.

    Anyhow, here’s our current depth in the secondary …..

    Sash (SO-starter), Greenwood (JR-starter), Cato (SO – human torpedo), Swanson (RS FR), Nielsen (RS FR – the next Greenwood/Pagel according to Norm)

    others capable of moving to safety in a pinch: Robinson (RS FR), Brown (TR FR)

    Spievey (JR-starter), Bernstine (JR-starter), Prater (SO – capable of being the “next Spievey”), Lowe (SO – good enough to see action as a TR FR), Castillo (RS FR – reports I’ve heard are that he’s fundamentally sound), Hyde (TR FR – one of my favorite recruits from the 2009 recruiting class)

    If we play more nickel and dime packages … then yes, we need more DBs. However, I think that we could probably make it by with only 3 DB recruits in the 2010 class.

  17. Josh — Yes, Iowa is facing some carnage on the OL. It won’t be 1999, but it’ll be a serious rebuild. I think 50 percent is generous on Bulaga. Depending on who comes out and his performance/health this year, if he maintains the status he has now, he’s got to come out. His stock can’t get any higher. Right now, and I’m no NFL draft expert, he’d be a top 10 pick, just based on what the hype is.

  18. I’d hate to slot guys right now, but . . .

    Potential OL: Hoch, Ferguson, Hardy and, yeah, why not, Vier.

    Remember, I said potential. Also remember, Iowa grabbed five OL in last year’s class without any projection: MacMillan, Murphy, Boffeli, Van Sloten, Drew Clark. You might also be able to throw in Harrell, Hopkins and Covert.

  19. Why do I get the Kampman vibe from Trinca-Pasat?

  20. Last 10 or so:

    CB (2)
    WR (2)
    OL (2)

    Now, watch me completely whiff.

    I thought QB would’ve happened by now and still could by the end of the summer. They go faster.

    I see one RB. Lots of bodies there right now. This could change if they get their top two choices on the board (Florida guy and Dawson?).

    Two wideouts, I don’t know why, especially with last year’s haul of Davis, Brown and N’goumou.

    Two more OL who project to OL, mostly because of what Josh wrote. Scherrf (?) and Donnal (?) maybe (just guessing).

    Two CBs. Can never have enough. I do like Prater (I think the race at LC is the closest on the team) and Lowe (nickel and dime).

    One more LB. That cabinet is emptying, but Coleman redshirting (if that works out) will help.

    You can’t have enough DTs.

    I can’t handicap the QB race. Hutson from Georgia hangs around. He has an Iowa offer, but I think he’s waiting on a more regional school. Derby? I have no idea. My guess would be he goes SEC, but that is purely a GUESS. Vier will get a look, but I think his future is TE. Sean Robinson? I think he goes NW.

  21. I was thinking Matt Roth for LTP. He’s got the speed and motor from the tape I saw. I’m real impressed with this class thus far from what film I’ve seen.

    I’ve heard they like Gettis and Zusevics and you know what you’re getting with Vandervelde but its pretty thin after that. I guess there is certainly worse things than having guys leaving early for the league but my concern is I don’t know if Iowa recruits a level to sustain success if they keep losing guys early. Obviously really, really soon to say but if they could keep Bulaga and Spievey I’d like Iowa’s chances at 10+ win season w/out counting the bowl game next year.

  22. Gettis and Zusevics (and maybe I’d throw Haganman in there) have one more year to bulk before it’s clearly their turn. The way it looks 2010 is going to be their turn.

    In 2010:

    RT Zusevics
    RG Gettis
    C Ferentz
    LG Vandervelde
    LT Reiff

    I think Nolan MacMillan will be ready. I think Casey McMillan could be ready. You have walk-ons who’ve been in the system like Matt Tobin (OT from Dyersville), Josh Koeppel (C, maybe even the starter in ’09), Haganman (will be a senior in ’10) and Tyrel Detweiler (OG type who’ll be a junior in ’10).

  23. One thing, I probably should’ve put a punter on that list.

    Donahue will be a senior in ’10, when a freshman punter would be redshirting.

  24. Marc- how can you whiffed? What positions are left? We definitely need more OL or big bodies with the rest of this class. Will lose 6/7 OL guys after this year. What about another TE? Can we pull Fiedorowicz (sp) from Ill?

    As for QB, it would be nice to get Mason. But I think with the talented young guns there, Iowa might ending up get an under the radar guy like Stanzi. Any word from the young Haluska?

    This class is shaping up but how do other schools have 15 or more guys a while ago? Harbaugh is working hard out at Stanford. 21 already. His territory is in the midwest as well, see Hoch.

  25. Yeah, Thai. You can’t completely whiff when you name nearly every position on the team.

    Haven’t heard much on Haluska lately.

    The TE you mentioned I believe is thinking Ill. and Iowa.

  26. […] HawkeyeReport: Hoch picks Hawkeyes is reporting that Harlan defensive end Matt Hoch, a 6-foot-5, 230-pounder, has committed to the Iowa […] […]

  27. There was a slight whiff because Iowa’s depth at safety barely extends past the 2-deeps. We’re definitely going to take on 1 or 2 safeties in the class. We’ll then probably take on only a single CB. Unless we appear completely committed to play more nickel … I doubt we take on more than 3 DBs in the class.

    As for the OL … I’d say that we probably try to take on 3. Ideally we get a plug-n-play sort of dude. Of the guys we appear to have a real fighting chance with … it would appear that Donnal could be that guy. Henderson is a bit of a pipe dream … but I don’t think that he’s necessarily completely out of the picture either. If things head south at Minny and Michigan … Iowa could be the recipient of some good fortune there.

    Vier will arguably initially count towards our QB total … because we’re going to need QBs to take snaps in the various camps. If he demonstrates that he’s capable of ascending the learning curve well there … he’ll stick, otherwise he’s TE bound. That then still leaves us with trying to nab one more “true QB” though. We’ll try to take one … but I have no idea who it will be. Maybe we’ll luck out with Mason … much like we lucked out with Brinson. If the favorite waits too long … we might benefit from it …. of course, that’s also if Mason doesn’t wait so long that someone else commits to us at QB first.

    I think that we’re still hoping for one more LB … to that end, I’m still inclined to think that Thomas is the guy. Of course, if we’re lucky enough to get Derby and he doesn’t work out at QB … he could be the guy too.

    Ideally I think that we want to get a plug-n-play TE in order to help give the O a shot in the arm in 2010. With the rebuild that we’re going to have to contend with on the OL, having a big target at TE to go along with Reisner would be a huge help.

  28. Josh and marc –

    Oddly enough, LTP kinda strikes me a little bit of a hybrid between Hodges and Roth. More of a speed rusher … but, like Roth, not as much of a finesse guy as you might think.

    A guy that hasn’t been mentioned much is Harrell. I think that he’s a guy who could surprise. I think that he could potentially land kinda somewhere in between Iwebema and Ballard.

    From what I had been hearing, it sounded like Gaglione had a great frame and was physically huge … however, it really didn’t sound like he was tearing it up on the DL. My guess is that he could be a guy who ends up making a position change over to the OL. If that hunch is correct, then our immediate depth at DE doesn’t extend past our current 2 deeps (Ballard, Clayborn, Binns, and Daniel). Thus, it’s a small wonder that we’ve taken on as many guys who seem to project immediately at DE. To list them out, we’ve nabbed Forgy as a walk-on and then have ‘ships out to Harrell, Alvis, LTP, and Hoch. I excluded Hardy because my bet is that he’s an inside-out guy … he’ll see some action at DE, but I suspect that he’ll end up at DT if he remains on the DL.

  29. Great point on safety, Homer. Right now it’s Greenwood (jr.), Sash (so.), Cate (so.) and Swanson (fr.). I’ve heard a lot of positives on Nick Nielsen, a walk-on and OLB Tyler Nielsen’s brother. He’s 6-foot-3, which should translate to range.

    In the 2009 class, Micah Hyde maybe (I believe he’s starting out at CB)? Josh Brown, though I think he’s a WR.

    It’s a need and that would bring a guy like Drake Ferch into the mix.

    Plug-n-play TE? CJF would be the closest, I think.

    It’s early yet. Maybe a juco, if the Iowa staff finds the right fit.

  30. marc –

    Hyde will be at CB … take it to the bank. Of course, that’s assuming that Soup doesn’t try to “earmark” him first.

    Also, let us not forget about Blackwell and Paine … both guys with high ceilings who could potentially make it back to us.

    Blackwell and Brown are cut from similar cloth … both being versatile guys who project at QB/WR/S. Of course, Blackwell is taller and could probably also develop into a LB too. I doubt that Brown would end up at CB, however, who knows? He and Bernstine have a similar body-type … so it could be possible.

    As for Paine, my guess is that he’d land back at WR … however, considering he was originally recruited at CB … he could pull that off too.

    As for plug-n-play TE … yeah, Fiedorowicz is best bet. However, I think that Millard or Cadogan nearly fill the bill too. Unfortunately, I doubt that Iowa is a legit contender for either guy … especially considering that Mizzou is probably going hard after Millard after their prior TE commit decommitted (a dude from the same high school as Cato, if memory serves). As for Cadogan … he’s likely to stay on the east coast.

    If we don’t get such a TE … then I doubt that we bother to get anybody else at TE other than Vier.

  31. On the OL for 2010, I don’t think that we should omit the possibility that Richardson could potentially get a 6th year. Sobieski has already set a precedent for us there … and Dace meets all the requirements. All he has to do is remain healthy so that staying another year would be a good idea.

    Also, I fully expect that Woody Orne, a transfer from South Dakota State, has a great chance of being in the picture for us at OT.

    If Koeppel can get a bit bigger and stronger, I think that he could fill a backup role at OG. Haganman was one of the more used backups in 2008 … so I fully expect that he’ll see even more reps in 2009. Thus, I really wouldn’t sleep on him … he could definitely push for a starting spot in 2010.

    If Dace returns, this is kinda how I see the 2010 depth chart:

    RT: Richardson (SR), Zusevics (JR)/Orne (JR)
    RG: Gettis (JR)/Haganman (SR), Koeppel (SR)
    C: Ferentz (SO), Koeppel (SR)
    LG: Vandervelde (SR), Haganman (SR)/Clark (RS FR)/McMillan (SO)
    LT: Reiff (SO), Orne (JR)/MacMillan (RS FR)

    If you look across the board … there are definitely some depth issues for us at OT … however, there’s a lot more depth and experienced depth there than you might initially think. Of course, if Richardson either isn’t healthy enough to be a contributer and/or doesn’t get a 6th year … then things don’t quite look so nice.

  32. Mark:

    A quick question: Missouri has had success with getting guys there after they’ve committed elsewhere. Do you think we have a high risk with Hoch? Remember, his brother changed course although Nebraska was going through a coaching change at the time.

    We just need to be careful!

  33. Marc,

    I’m trying to guide my sons in their training and prep for the 2020 class and I wondered if you could basically outline the needs Iowa will have then? I’m trying to get right on this.


  34. Homer — I believe Dace is done this year.

    Charlie — You run that risk with every recruit, but I can see the concern here especially. I don’t think we understand how big of a deal this decision is for kids. It’s something you have to say out loud and feel in your bones. He must feel pretty strongly about it. Might be one of those “blaze your own trail” deals, too.

    Marc — Your wife is 6-4, right? They’ve got a shot!!

    By the way, I’m still efforting the newest recruits. In phone tag mode with Hardy. One message into Hoch. My cell phone isn’t leaving my side.

  35. marc –

    So there is word that he has no desire to petition for a 6th year? If he starts this year, the NFL will still give him a shot. However, my bet is that they’d probably prefer him to get the extra year if he can (they’ll want to see how durable he is).

    Of course, that’s assuming he even wants to go to the NFL ….

  36. I think it was stated at the beginning of this comeback that this would be his final year.

    But he has missed two full seasons and would be eligible for a sixth year, which is a rarely given out.

    Babysteps, though. What a HUGE addition a healthy Dace Richardson would be.

    I know this, he is playing rec softball in CR this summer. The team manager asked if he wanted/needed a pinch runner. He said no. I know, it’s a little thing, but hey, way better than last year.

  37. Sep 4, 2009-
    Iowa is waiting for Derby, not for Hutson Mason. Hutson Mason had his second high school game of his senior season at Lassiter tonight and is showing leadership for a much changed team. Went overtime where Hutson threw a bomb and won it quickly in overtime.
    Check out the sports section tomorrow on the full story. Iowa should re-offer and land this fine young man NOW. He’s a heck of a athlete as well.

    Uncle Shawn in Galesburg,Il
    “Like a Good Neighbor”

    P.S. Go Brad Herman, my best friends boy, another fine young man.

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