Posted by: marcmwm | June 27, 2009

Wisconsin DL picks Hawkeyes

Friday night, the Hawkeyes added another defensive prospect for 2010.

Appelton, Wis., defensive end Mike Hardy accepted a football scholarship from the Hawkeyes during a visit to Iowa City on Friday, according to Hardy had offers from homestate Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Purdue and Iowa State.

The 6-foot-5, 260-pounder had 10 tackles for loss and six sacks for Kimberly High School last season. Hardy is a winner. He claimed the Division I state title in the discus this spring with a throw of 159-feet-7. He’ll also try to help Kimberly to its third straight WIAA Division II state football title.

Hardy is Iowa’s seventh commitment and sixth on the defensive side of the ball. Iowa will likely award 18 scholarships this season. Hardy joins linebackers James Morris, Austin Gray and Jim Poggi, defensive tackle Anthony Ferguson, defensive end Louis Trinca-Pasat and tight end Austin Vier.



  1. Wow, KF and co. are cleaning up right now.

    This is fantastic but frankly these kids are like Fredo Corelone to me until they do something meaningful at Kinnick. Nothing personal but they’re just prospects at this point.

  2. Recruiting is such a fickle bird; I honestly don’t know what to think about it anymore. We sign lower rated classes and they excel, we sign high classes and they don’t. We have 2 star laden classes that have high attrition and those that hit the field early often.

    That doesn’t even take into account the wishy-washy momentum of the recruiting year itself. I like you, but not that much. I like you but I’m waiting for something better, I like you enuff to commit, but hey now I don’t, etc, etc, etc………….

    It’s a tough game and it would drive me out of my mind. The car business is tough enuff for me already without having to deal with irrational 17-18 year olds and their parents


  3. E — Exactly!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe not Fredo, though. You can’t rate a recruiting class until it’s over, even the ’05 class. Some players came out of that deal, just not the ones you’d think.

  4. Chad — I’m SOOOOO for an early signing period. Recruiting will always be a pressurized shark tank, but let’s at least take a little of the blood out of the water.

    Talked to Austin Vier. He’s still hearing from a few places after committing.

    I’ll have an interview with him up late tonight.

  5. Yeah, Marc, you keep saying that an article about Vier is coming but where is it? =) …I’ll tell you what, the percentage will work out if we keep recruiting highly rated class like 05. It doesn’t hurt programs like OSU, USC, Fla… Speaking of 05 class, you’re right Marc, a few of those guys are starting 5th year seniors and will play a big role this year.
    And I like the fact that Iowa is picking up recruits from Wis, MSU and Ill backyards.

  6. Marc, do you know anything about this person (possibly from Tennessee) joining the team:

  7. Thai — Tonight at 12:01. I really like this class.

    CT — I’ll check but that name doesn’t ring a bell.

  8. Marc,

    If Iowa indeed passes out a total of 18 scholarships in this class, do you think they run the risk of missing out on stud recruits who hold out until national signing day?

    I believe the Hawkeyes awarded 18 or 19 in last year’s class, but only three or four guys had given verbals by the end of the season.

    Here we are a full two months from opening kickoff and seven guys have already signed on. At this rate those scholarships will be eaten up by the end of September.

    Just interested in your thoughts, because I can’t remember Iowa having this problem (a good problem) in recent years.

  9. JM — They always have ways of “finding” space. If a scholarship player isn’t invited to August camp, that’s a sign that this renewable scholarship isn’t going to work out.

    I wasn’t as plugged in during Hayden’s recruiting as I am now, but I believe he got a lot of his recruiting done before December. I think if you studied Ferentz recruiting, you’d find that this sort of summer list is above the norm.

    I imagine they’ll keep a few open with some reach guys, but if they get their QB, it could pick up and maybe even be over in December.

    QB is the position to watch. Nationally, QB is the position that moves first, like dominoes dropping.

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