Posted by: marcmwm | June 20, 2009

Calloway arrested for OWI (with Ferentz statement, police report details)

Iowa offensive lineman Kyle Calloway was arrested early Saturday morning and charged operating a vehicle while intoxicated, according to Iowa City Police records.

While driving his moped, Calloway was stopped at the scene of a previous accident near the intersection of  Morman Trek and Benton. The area was cordoned off by traffic cones and unmarked police cars.

According to the police report, Calloway, a 6-foot-7, 320-pound senior, drove between the cones and tried to drive through the accident scene.

Officers stopped him. He was given a breathalyzer, which showed a .106 blood-alcohol level, and field sobriety test. The legal limit in Iowa is .08.

Calloway admitted to drinking seven or eight beers.

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz released the following statement Saturday afternoon:

“I was very disappointed to learn of Kyle’s poor judgment. Kyle will be expected to complete counseling and educational requirements, extensive community service obligations and game suspension prior to returning to the field.”

Calloway, who turns 22 today (June 21), is a fifth-year senior. He has started the last 25 games at right tackle, a streak that will likely end when Iowa opens the season Sept. 5 against Northern Iowa. He was a second-team all-Big Ten pick last season.


Here’s the link to the Iowa City Police website.

So, with Calloway facing suspension (likely multiple games, the same punishment Shaun Prater faces) and Vandervelde’s surgery (see comments here), the O-line is seeing its first adversity of the season. Good thing for them it’s still June.



  1. Ugh! The new Sporting News has Iowa as #3 OL in the country. Their reasoning being Bulaga and Calloway.

  2. He will still play, just not against UNI, ISU, etc. I predict a 2-3 game suspension, but he will still play. My hope is that this doesn’t affect his draft status.

    This is just depressing.

  3. Greg — Calloway has no history of anything bad, ever. That’s got to help him in this case, but there will still be a price to pay.

    I think Hawkeyes Rule is correct, a two- or three-game suspension.

    Not the end of the world, but not good, either, especially for a position that isn’t blessed with great depth. This means Riley Reiff or Markus Zusevics starts the first two or three. Or maybe Dace or Kuempel. They’ve got the bodies, just not many with recent tackle experience.

  4. What an ironic situation, days after he pooh-poohed the other situation to the media this happens. It is hard to fathom. I’ve never been one to put the blame on an entity (the Police department) just doing their job. Obviously the kid was indeed drinking & driving. All the same back before I quit drinking and realized the errors of my ways, I must have drove drunk 1000 times and never got an OWI. How these kids continually get in trouble is beyond me. Especially a kid who seems to be an upstanding citizen. It is sad and we don’t need it, and neither did he. You have to admit it does all add up and we do look bad. Also this will not help us against ISU. We have 5 times as much talent as them but they can beat us no matter how bad they are.


  5. Hawkeyes Rule / Morehouse…I anticipate a 2 game suspension. But the media fallout will suck. When Rittenberg gets a hold of it, he will be his objective self, which is good, but objectively looking at this story doesn’t put us in a good light.

    Things were starting to fall in place for the Hawkeyes this fall. This sucks. And like Chad said…will make the ISU game harder.

  6. I think ISU has talent. It was poorly coached and prepared last season.

  7. It was indeed poorly coached but I’m not sure there is as much there as is needed. The ironic thing about the “poorly” coached stuff is…….. Many, myself included were concerned The Chiz was a very good coach. I’m not really sure he still isn’t. I think ISU had even poorer talent and a bigger hill to climb than he thought and it wore him out to the point he was ready to jump ship by about the 5th game last year.

    There were certainly some gaffes in the Iowa game but I’m not sure they were any more egregious than we have seen many good coaches make especially new head coaches. I can’t fathom a 1st year head coach is going to be “heads & shoulders” better even if he becomes a hall of famer.


  8. Check out a comment from Ferentz here:

  9. Holy snikes R U kidding me………….

    No one is bigger on accountability here than me, but R U serious?! On a moped ?!?!?! That is crazzzzzzyyyyyy. Maybe the kid shouldn’t have pressed his luck through an accident scene, but I have to believe even that is sketchy. I don’t typically take an out loud stand trying to justify a mistake. Especially in lieu of the fact that since I accepted Christ I try hard to respect authority. I am still a little anti-police (old habits…….J) But this shocks me. You can’t tell me they couldn’t have pulled the kid over and said hey………..”Clue up a little”

    He blew a .106, holy over kill here batman. He is driving a moped for goodness sakes. If it wasn’t for all our troubles and the line we have to toe I’d be outraged at this if I were KF or his parents. I honestly hope the ICPD gets some negative fall out from this.

    Is that small of me……………???


  10. Chad — He tried to drive through the scene of a accident, according to the report. That’s seriously bad judgment. The police stopped him and probably could tell he’d been drinking. This was handed to the ICPD.

  11. Yeah Marc……………I’m sure I am being petty here I even reread it a couple times because it appeared to say “previous” but I’m sure that was still stupid. I just thought maybe he was trying to sneak through and old accident. But if it was a “current” accident then you are right that is indeed quite moronic. I think I was thinking it was 3 days ago and coned off for further investigation, but then why would there be unmarked squad cars there, right?

    All the same you should never drive through a “police” scene. Dumb, dumb, dumb……


  12. On a positive depth chart note…………………….In lieu of the “report”, other than being seriously foolish as Marc said. I’m not sure it will be more than a 1 game suspension. This kid didn’t get pulled over driving 100 and beer cans fell out of the car when they drug him out. I’m guessing he tried to sneak through to a side street and they stopped him

    Plus I really think they have some bodies to throw out there that will get some solid “experience”.


  13. Chad, let me know if you’re ever on my jury panel, because he clearly was well over .08 and did exactly the kind of mentally impaired midnight move that drunk drivers do to get pulled over. The Police shouldn’t have to apologize or take your grief for saving someone’s life. At 320 pounds eight beers would only get him to .085, if he drank them all within an hour. His level is more like ten beers in an hour or over a twelve in three hours.

    I’ll give him credit for admitting to seven or eight, because nearly everyone is two drunk to drive after having only “a couple” of beers. At least that’s what they claimed to the officer and regardless of their mind-blowing BAC. With a clean record, he’s eligible for a Deferred Judgment at that BAC and will hopefully learn from this experience. I’ve seen what happens when people don’t.

  14. No proble dude, though I’m not likley to get jury duty.

  15. OK. Here’s my take on football players driving mopeds:

  16. Chad,

    The days of getting these incidents swept under the rug by the ICPD are over. This isn’t 1983; if you really think it’s appropriate for the police to pick and choose who goes to jail after blowing .103 you are a little out of touch. I’m sorry, but he could have seriously hurt one of those officers. Thank God he didn’t. I understand you have a mistrust of the police, but as someone who lives 3 blocks from where this incident took place, I’m glad they did what they did.

    As a Hawkeye fan, I am not happy with Kyle’s judgment. This isn’t the leadership the team needs out of a 5th year senior who has started the past 25 games. I would wish him happy birthday, but something tells me it wasn’t that good of a day for him.

  17. Well I’ll tell you, it was an impetuous statement by me. All the same if you think I want it swept under the rug then you are jumping to just as impetuous thought yourself. Things used to be different and I dare say better. I grew up in the 80’s and the police used to have some idea of how to “teach” people without a ticket. Lord knows I had just such an instance happen to me. People make mistakes and though it was a “poor” decision I still make them today. As do you. And before you tell me….”yes but not that endanger people’s’ lives I call BS”

    I haven’t drank in 6 years and I take honesty & integrity to a level that may be unhealthy. I do however still make some careless driving mistakes at times. I drive fast and I take chances and I’ve seen the dumbest, most idiotic things done by honorable people that could have proved quite dangerous for anyone. We are talking about stupidity here, not danger. For that he may indeed deserve a ticket, but I sincerely doubt you want to get in a debate about right or wrong or ethicality with me. I’m the guy that calls MY boss when he’s out of town to tell him I was late.

    Sometimes telling someone…………..“hey you are a moron, what R U doing here” is a better alternative. It sounds like he was pleasant and respectful enough. I honestly don’t have any idea how egregious or really dumb looking the situation was but the “right” people get by with this kind of lunacy all the time. I’m not really that concerned about the football team and frankly if it were my kid he’d have a lot more disappointment coming from home. But you’ll never convince me they were just doing their jobs. Police business has very much become a revenue endeavor, that more than targeting “Iowa” football players seems as plausible as anything. I’m sure he learned his lesson, but it sure does seem to happen a lot in IC.

  18. Thanks for being civil guys. I appreciate it. It proves that we can disagree and not have it degenerate into messageboard madness.

    I’m very glad Marc posts here on these subjects. He KNOWS this stuff way better than I ever could.

    Chad, I like the conclusion you came to. A revenue argument is much more plausible than targeting football players. I just don’t and won’t believe that, though I’m sure these kids’ sheer size gives them away a lot of times.

    What you say is a terrific sentiment — police teaching a lesson without a ticket — but I believe those days are gone. Frankly, I don’t like gray area. You break the law, you get arrested and have your day in court. That works for me.

    I wrote about this a little bit when Shaun Prater got arrested. Brother’s keeper is a concept that needs to seed and grow on the Iowa football team. Have a team-wide designated driver or two. Pay the guy for gas. Watch each other’s back. I know, I’m probably being way naive here, but that doesn’t seem like a difficult concept to grasp.

  19. Honestly and some will shake their head at this (if you’d known me as a youth you really would) I really can’t see why they can’t avoid drinking out in the “city” period. If I was really being honest I think I feel like they shouldn’t drink at all, but I know that is unrealistic and probably hypocritical considering my past. All the same they are “representatives” and the football season is around the corner (thank goodness) so a little restraint seems in order but maybe that’s just why he was cutting loose who knows.

    He made a mistake and I do concur wrong is wrong and right is right. I’m pretty black & white too. But there is this little thing I’ve been taught that keeps me giving people chances and breaks, and it’s called grace. That goodness it exists because quite frankly we all deserve death to be quite candid. We have all from birth been egregious offenders of “wrong” so I often look at things through that prism. Maybe I’m wrong here too I guess.

    Good night all

  20. Chad — Well written. Grace is a beautiful thing.

  21. Marc-

    Maybe you have written an article on this topic before, but what about comparing the % of Iowa football players receiving a type of alcohol related ticket (PAULA, Pub. Intox, OWI) compared to regular students at UI?

    Regardless of how it shakes out, I think it would be interesting to see if the football players are receiving alcohol related tickets at an alarmingly higher rate than the rest of the student body.

    Go Hawks!

  22. AM — I think Scott Dochterman has done something like that. We’ll talk about it, certainly.

    The felony arrests were bad, awful, horrible. The alcohol arrests? Are there too many? Probably. But one thing to keep in mind, there is going to be a certain amount of “breakage.” It’s never — NEVER — going to be 100 percent perfect. Never.

    It’s a giant state college with a town that allows 18-year-olds into bars. Gosh, does that sound like maybe it could, I don’t know, maybe be a recipe for trouble?

    Ferentz is taking heat on this for the frequency and the message not being delivered. He kicked off the felony arrest players. Not all programs do that. Not all programs suspend for alcohol arrests. Calloway’s decision-making was horrible. Same for Shaun Prater, James Ferentz and on down the line. To think this is going to stop — ever — is just a naive thought. The next question is, what percentage is acceptable? That’s what needs to be discussed.

  23. I just want to know what percentage of the marching band has been busted for drinking PBR to adolescent levels — and whether it’s time for the AD to issue 29″ mountain bikes with jock straps. But suddenly it occurs to me that IC will next lead the country in Operating a 29″ MTB while Intoxicated.

    In all likelihood the kid just cost himself several hundred thousand bucks, if not more, next year. Perhaps his mom will have something to say about that.

    Well, we’ve professionalized college football at this level, and these guys know the lore. They’ve seen On Any Sunday and they know LT is playing himself, and a clean and understated version at that. So we’re part of this too. We created the demand and acceptance of all of this.

    Calloway is a man, the age of a staff sergeant on the ground in Helmand province, and if he’s going to pound them down on his own free time, and be unable to convince people he’s a tuba player and not a draft-ready NFL freak, he’s going to get busted. The only thing KF can do about it is get more depth and make it all a big shrug, which it has become for me. You can arrest 75% of downtown Iowa City at midnight on the weekend for public intox, and we’re talking a few thousand people. And we’re all involved in that, as well. We permit it and accept it.

  24. Bellanca,

    I like this post. I really don’t know how much more KF can do. I think some feel like a “hard stance” gets rid of this and that is wishful thinking. When I was that age I really didn’t care what the guy next to me was doing and I certainly wasn’t deterred by his punishment.


  25. Bellanca — Isn’t there going to be a certain amount of “breakage” every year? It’s college, there’s alcohol and Iowa City has the misguided policy of allowing 18-year-olds into bars.

    It’s never going to be zero percent. If Ferentz boots for every alcohol offense, he’d be the only major college football coach doing so. The felony arrests were all booted, even after pleading down. That’s something — sound and exactly the right message to send.

    The schematics for the crime and punishment of college football are quickly becoming the “Pete Rose-Hall of Fame” debate for me.

    We have created the demand. I’m as culpable as anyone.

  26. “”””””We have created the demand. I’m as culpable as anyone.””””””””

    This is a million dollar statement and one I echo to complainers on a regular basis. Don’t just point the finger at your rival or your team. Point it at yourself as well. The only way to “fix” it is to quit following the product until changes are made and none are willing to do that. It’s easy to complain that your rival is “immoral” but the reality is “sports” in general, (not Iowa) and it’s over exposure in today’s society is the problem. And who is responsible for its over exposure …….none other than us.

  27. Marc,

    Sometimes I’m obtuse and I was here. Yes, when the team and school exist in an environment that the citizens nurture and support — and they do — every year there’s going to be breakage.

    Because I grew up in IC and my folks are still there, I do, probably, react somewhat strangely to the bedlam that is downtown, Wed-Sat. Still, if it’s okay with the town and the university (i.e., they don’t do anything about it), I’m not going to get too exercised anymore about the players getting busted. The town could change the rules; the school could change the rules. Neither does, and it’s binge-party city. Literally, there are thousands of public intox violators in downtown several nights a week. If it’s okay with everybody, then we should just get used to hardworking football players getting arrested.

    Net: I think it’s our problem, not the football program’s problem. Young men and beer. Dog bites man. Young men chase young women. Young women gather and attract young men. Young men and young women skip early morning classes.

    I’m not sure where the story is, anymore. It’s the norm, and we created it through acquiescence.

  28. […] legal stuff reared its head again last week with the OWI arrest of OT Kyle Calloway. Great discussion on the linked Calloway post. It’s college, kids drink, dog bites man. There […]

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