Posted by: marcmwm | June 20, 2009

Big score for Iowa recruit

Ohio held off Pennsylvania, 38-31. Iowa recruit Micah Hyde caught a 99-yard TD pass to give Ohio a 24-17 lead.

Here’s a link to the game story from

The score was the longest in the 51-year history of the game.

Can’t find any photos, but I do have a Micah Hyde mug shot here from a recruiting day post.

Think he might play next season?

_________ is reporting that Ballard QB/ATH Austin Vier (Huxley) has committed to the Hawkeyes. He’d be recruit No. 6 and the first one on the offensive side of the ball. I’m guessing he’s being considered more of a TE than a QB recruit. This link is to Purdue rivals. It might be subscription. He was receiving interest from several schools, but this link shows no offers. His name first popped up earlier this week at

I’ll hopefully get to Austin in the next couple days.



  1. I’m very high on Micah and Dakota Getz from this year class (other than the top Iowa boys). These two very dominant at their positions. They produced! Probably will see the field on sp teams. Unless, Getz will play TE, then, he might just RS and bulk up.

  2. Found a video of him at

  3. Thanks for the update Marc. Tht is great for Micah.

    I think that boy will see SP this year at least.

  4. I DVR’d it and watched him play today. That Ohio team has some athletes. No wonder Ohio State always has a lot of speed and talent. Hyde is a stud, he probably caught at least 140 plus yards worth of catches and he was physical and active. They talked about how the coaches were discussing him mid-week and what a unique athlete he was. They also mentioned he’d play DB at Iowa.

    On a corollary note it is almost eerie how these Iowa coaches year after year after year find dynamic athletes that are only rated as 2-stars. Probably even more “odd” is how does a kid who played QB, CB, punted and Kicked FG’s in high school get “missed” so badly. Yet it seems to happen to 100’s of kids a year. A team could field a heck of team just following Iowa around and offering their finds. It seems many try as it is.


  5. Thanks for the link, Mike.

    I’m putting the over/under on the number of frosh to see the field at seven. Just guessing. I like this class. It ranked low, but Iowa filled needs and these kids seem to be the under-the-radar guys Iowa makes something out of.

  6. Well, some of them fit that description.

    Keenan, Wegher, Nolan MacMillan, the all had big-time offers. So did Josh Brown.

  7. Marc,

    Good call and I didn’t mean to imply Iowa didn’t get some high ranking kids & I sure didn’t meant to short change said kids. But you do have to admit it is almost uncanny the amount of 2 star kids we have signed going clear back to Sanders that have hit the field in year one or 2 ahead of higher ranked kids. AA, JJ, Sapp, Solomon, Godfrey, Reisner etc, etc, etc………….

  8. Incidentally there was a left handed QB in that game, Austin Boucher that is going to Miami of Ohio who is a stud. He is only 6 foot but he’ll make some noise.

  9. A lot of these 2-stars guys are good athletes that are playing out of position in High School—especially at QB. I think Iowa is comfortable taking guys with good measureables that play QB and plugging them in most anywhere.

    There have been a lot of HS QBs we’ve recruited that have moved to new positions at Iowa. Shada, Paschal, Solomon, Greenway….I think Morse at FB was also a QB in HS, Jovon Johnson also, and the kid from Illinois in current class that projects at TE.

  10. Logic — I think you got them all. Nice work.

    Chad — It’s development. It’s also the change in the coaching staff. The last two years, Eric Johnson has spent more time recruiting. I think there’s a correlation.

  11. Logic – Almost all of them, you forgot Tarpinian. He ran the option at Millard North. I didn’t think that would work out switching to LB based off what I saw from him in HS. I will never question Doyle again! Please forgive me.

  12. Marc,

    I would agree 100% with the development thing, but isn’t it almost extraordinary the amount of those 2 star kids that came in as true Freshmen or even RS Frosh. How much “developing” is happening in 2 months or even a year. If I’m not mistaken the rule of thumb is a 2 star should be productive by a Junior year give or take a year. But at Iowa (very rough calculations here, please correct if I’m all wet) it seems to me that if a player isn’t seriously contributing by his Sophomore year (regardless of rank) he isn’t likely to much at all.

    Obviously there is the Warren Holloway,s, Ochoa’s, Bruggy’s etc, etc……But as a rule of thumb I think you’ll find it is fairly accurate.


    PS…………By contributing I don’t mean starting but playing quite a bit, getting yards tackles etc, etc…………i/e: 2-deeps or at least a regular player even if he is listed 3rd team…..exp: Troy Johnson

  13. PPS………………Great call on the Eric Johnson thing, I hadn’t considered that. We do have a good formula, or so it seems from the untrained eye.

  14. Just to put some data to my thought. Since 2002 (obviously as far back as rivals goes) the following played by no later than their RS Frosh year…..

    Jovon Johnson DB
    Clinton Solomon ATH
    Scott Chandler WR
    Charles Godfrey DB
    Damian Sims RB
    Adam Shada DB
    Ryan Donahue K
    Paul Chaney DB
    Brett Morse TE
    Dezman Moses LB
    Allen Reisner TE
    Jewel Hampton RB
    William Lowe RB
    Trent Mossbrucker K

    These guys played between their Soph and Junior year and were major contributors.

    Miguel Merrick WR
    Marcus Paschal DB
    Mike Humpal LB
    Andy Brodell WR
    Brandon Myers TE
    Shonn Greene RB
    Bradley Fletcher DB
    Lance Tillison DB
    Karl Klug LB
    Amari Spievey DB
    Troy Johnson LB

    These guys are on the 2-deeps fairly early on though we don’t yet no for sure what we have.

    Mike Daniels DE
    Adam Gettis DE
    Jack Swanson DB
    Steve Bigach LB

    Lot of early 2 star contributors, but obviously there is plenty of “developing” going on as well. All in this entire staff does as good a job of finding and developing talent as any.

    PS………….Had a little free time LOL

  15. […] Big score for Iowa recruit Ohio held off Pennsylvania, 38-31. Iowa recruit Micah Hyde caught a 99-yard TD pass to give Ohio a 24-17 […] […]

  16. Chad — Excellent work!

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