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Stanzi story from his hometown paper (and thoughts)

Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi turns to handoff the ball during the Iowa Football Team's spring practice Saturday, April 18, 2009 in Iowa City, Iowa. Saturday's practice was the last practice of spring football. (Brian Ray/The Gazette)

Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi turns to handoff the ball during the Iowa Football Team's spring practice Saturday, April 18, 2009 in Iowa City, Iowa. Saturday's practice was the last practice of spring football. (Brian Ray/The Gazette)

The News-Herald’s sports editor Mark Podolski set up an interview with Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi recently. The News-Herald serves northern Ohio, where Stanzi’s hometown, Mentor, is located.

Stanzi has maintained (spell FAIL) the buzzcut and his calm, cool perspective.

Here’s a link to a story and video interview. I highly recommend the video. Excellent interview.

Hawkeye thought of the day

At first during my interview with Nate Kaeding on Tuesday, I thought, wow, Nate’s really grown up. But after thinking about it, no, Kaeding’s always been this guy.

Early in his career, he was a voracious note-taker. He kept notebooks on his kicks, trying to refine the craft. Yes, Kaeding’s lean days at Iowa were early in his freshman season. They didn’t last long, but they could’ve. He pulled himself out of a potentially career-killing cold streak. At one point in 2000, Kaeding was 7 of 15. You don’t see too many 50 percent field goal kickers around. He connected on his final seven kicks that season and went on to all-Big Ten, all-American, Lou Groza winner and record-holder.

“(I) Came in, took some bumps and bruises and made some mistakes,” Kaeding said. “You deal with all those emotions, keeping you up at night, worrying and figuring it out and also kind of understanding that there’s more to life than kicking a football.

“You have to keep it all in perspective. Kicking and sports in general, the ones who really do it right care a lot about it but on the other side keep it all in perspective as well and know it’s not all the end-all, be-all.”

He offered advice and wisdom to Iowa’s kickers Daniel Murray and Trent Mossbrucker (link here). Murray and Mossbrucker had some peaks and valleys last year. Murray probably has the edge going into ’09, but he’s still fairly new on the job.

Kaeding is there for them, via text and e-mail. I kind of think of him as the Obi Wan Kenobi to a couple of young Luke Skywalkers.

“You have to go back to not thinking about being good but thinking about what’s going to make you good and how you’re going to go about enacting that, being able to push all the circumstances and results out of your mind and just focusing on the process and what’s inside and how to go about dealing with that,” Kaeding said. “Those are the things you learn a long the way. You learn how to apply them.”

I will apply this to my golf game.

I think it goes down like this at kicker: Murray gets most of the duty, if he can prove his accuracy is what it needs to be. Mossbrucker will perhaps take some shorter kicks and push Murray for the job all season. Iowa might not settle on a guy, or maybe one guy takes it, which would probably be Kirk Ferentz’s preference.

I don’t think Mossbrucker will redshirt. He’d come back as a sophomore in 2010 and with Murray a senior. That’d be two years essentially out of competition. I don’t think that’d be something he’d be interested in.

Big Ten thought of the day

I talked with Bob Bruce on WMT last night. We sort of discussed on e-mail round we had Thursday afternoon. We tried to compare and then assign baseball teams to Big Ten football teams.

I mention this now because the Detroit Free Press has a story in today’s editions that talks about Michigan and its $9 million budget SURPLUS. Yes, SURPLUS!

Ohio State and Michigan are your Yankees and Mets and Red Sox wrapped into two.

I compared Iowa to the Minnesota Twins, a small-market team that wins on a consistent basis and wins big when the pieces come together. In the e-mail portion, Bob disagreed. A lifelong Twins fan, he thought the Hawkeyes were “richer.” Iowa does well in funding, probably middle of the Big Ten, but the market comparison is solid. Bob agreed when we were on the air. I was glad I could lead him to the light (that will get me in trouble).

Indiana football, you are the Royals. You’ve got a nice stadium, but winning is difficult. Wisconsin, you are the LA Angels. You’re nouveau riche and are in position to compete with the Yankees nearly every season. Illinios, that’s a toughie. White Sox, maybe? Would Penn State be the Cardinals, or would the Nits fit in a higher tax bracket?

Feel free to chime in here. I like this game. It’s goofy and pointless, but it’s June and we’re trying to generate some discussion.

National thought of the day

 Keep dreaming, Mountain West Conference.

Whether you agree or not, there is too much money behind the BCS as-is top topple the system. Orrin Hatch can gripe all he wants.



  1. Marc-
    What do you think Boise State, TCU, Utah, BYU, others have as an overall record if they were to play in the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, ACC, or even Big East?

    I think even in the best years, they would finish at 9-3. Yes, they beat Oklahoma, Alabama and the likes in the BCS. Nonetheless, the Orrin Hatch-esque folk in the country cannot discount how difficult it is for the power six teams to emerge with the records that they ultimately have when participating in a BCS game.

    I have zero interest in watching BYU, Utah, or Boise State play a Big 6 conference in a BCS bowl game. Well, other than the fact that it is a college football game.

    Go Hawks!

  2. AM — It’d be less than what it is, no doubt. The BCS conferences just have more landmines than the MWC and WAC. It’s just reality. I think, best years, yes, 9-3 would be a reasonable record.

    As far as watching them in bowl games or even regular season, I’m probably the wrong guy to ask. College football + TV = good, doesn’t matter who.

    I’ll probably watch some of that Big 33 game this weeked on the NFL Network.

  3. I misread your tweet and turned on the BBRE at 6:00 and was treated to a 30-minute informercial disguised as a radio program. I’m sorry I missed your segment and even more sorry I listened to the drek that preceded you while I was cooking dinner.

    And clearly Illinois is the Cubs. They should have all the resources of a big-market team but never seem able to put it all together.

  4. Cubs, yeah, I could see that for Illinois.

    Sorry about the BBRE mixup.

    I got on and just talked about Sierra Nevada beer and Benz Beverage Depot.

    I did talk to their beer guy. Bell’s and Iowa are talking. Something about a refrigerated shipping process Bell’s needs. Hey, it’s something. If they want, I’ll go up with a cooler and drive back some Two Hearted and Hopslam.

  5. would that make Minny the Brewers?
    What about Iowa being Detroit-really good and mediocre just depends on the year-both places are obliviously Blue Collar.

  6. Brewers? Nah. They made the World Series in, what, ’82? When’s Minny’s last conference title?

    Minny is Baltimore. Won a few in the ’60s, but since . . .

    I would say Iowa wins more than Det, but I have no idea how I’d define that.

  7. I think the Iowa/Twins analogy is good. They win every 10 yrs or so but contend pretty regularly.

    Purdue is Colorado or maybe Texas They put up lots of big numbers but never really do anything with it.

  8. That’s Purdue, good job.

    What about Wisconsin? Michigan State? In my mind, MSU would be some team that doesn’t maximize its talent, maybe the Braves.

  9. I think the Braves are too good for MSU. They did go to a lot of NLCS’s. I’d say someone like the Dodgers maybe.

    Wisconsin is a tough one. Maybe St. Louis or the White Sox? Blue collar teams that seem to be in the mix year in and year out.

  10. I’m in agreement with Marc on this one; I love watching BYU, Boise, Utah or TCU. In fact I’ll watch the Sunbelt, WAC whatever. I don’t really think the average football fan realize how much talent is out there on those kind of teams now a days, and getting more talented yearly. That is why you see so many huge upsets anymore even FCS over FBS. There are just a lot of talented college football players anymore. Boise now has 15 NFLers (mostly from recent years) UTAH has 21 & BYU has 19. That is more than several of the competitive BCS teams have……………………

    Kansas only has 12

    Texas Tech has 14

    Mizzou only has 17 and those are mostly from these last couple years.

    I personally don’t think the MWC & WAC get the credit they deserve and I’m glad Iowa doesn’t play them. It used to be these teams all had solid O’s but they struggled on D, especially in the D-backfield. But now TCU & Utah in particular play stellar D.

    I do agree they wouldn’t go undefeated or crack out 5 or 6 straight 10-win seasons, but any if those aforementioned teams would finish in the upper division in ANY BCS conference IMO.


  11. The video interview was great. The video embed link…not so much.

    Stanzi seems to be maturing great. I hope he has been beefing up his skills in the off season. I see the potential for an all around offensive this year, and he will be key.

  12. Marc, Cedar Rapids area native Mike Boddicker calling on Line 1 for you. Something regarding “Won a few in the ’60s, but since?”

    The O’s not only made the Series but won it all in 1983 – one year AFTER the Brewers’ appearance, which you mentioned in the same comment. 😉

  13. Jorge, you know me and my baseball. I’m a Cubs fan. My historical knowledge of the game whithers after that.

    Great catch, though. My bad!

    So, who are the Gophs?? Seattle Pilots?

  14. HR — I hope he’s been beefing up, period. He needed to add a few Lbs. I wouldn’t call him skinny, but he said himself last year he wasn’t able to lift as much as he needed to after the shoulder injury.

  15. Chad — Excellent research!

    Yes, the top non-BCS teams would be good but certainly not undefeated every year (or maybe ever) in a BCS conference.

    I enjoy that level of football. And you know why — ESPN putting those games on from Tuesday through Sunday. I wonder what it does for their fans, but it does bring people like me into their scope.

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