Posted by: marcmwm | June 12, 2009

Iowa’s turn on ESPN’s “College Football Live”

From’s Adam Rittenberg: The state of Iowa is up for discussion on today’s “College Football Live.” Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz will be a guest. The show first airs 2:30 on ESPN.



  1. Is this on ESPN? I was perusing the DTV channels last night and all ESPN had on was SC all day.

    Always good to hear the captain speak.

  2. That’s what Adam’s blog said. I’d still have the clicker at the ready. I think my DVR recorded CFL four times yesterday.

  3. That’s what I am afraid of going home and watching tonight….

  4. I watched it. It was awesome! ESPN did a good job of putting it together.

  5. I recorded it at home. I’ll post a Ferentz transcript from it later.

    Also, look for a David Blackwell, Shane Prater update later tonight.

  6. Amazingly, I taped the wrong thing… Saw the graphics while I was out earlier and Haden Fry was our coach?

  7. Haden saved Iowa football!

  8. I have it set to publish at 12:05.

    It’s nothing earth-shattering. I think at least a little clarity. I have to admit kind of forgetting about Blackwell.

  9. How about that Blackwell and Prater update you mentioned earlier this evening

  10. 12:05, Lams.

  11. I didn’t get to see the actual thing but I found a couple of videos from the show and posted them here.

  12. Yes, Haden did save the program and where is the transcript?

    What are we not paying you for here Marc? (:

  13. On it, E. 🙂

    All day at girls state soccer. Just got back, but not before stopping at The Catfish Place in Nichols. It was terrific, but I have to remember to be closer to home after fried food.

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