Posted by: marcmwm | June 8, 2009

Very positive review on James Morris

Solon’s James Morris participated in the Nike Camp last weekend at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

Why? You can bet he’s not out trolling for offers. This blurb from says that Morris (who measured at 6-1 1/2 and weighed 211) was there for the competition and coaching.

Morris was named the camp’s MVP for linebackers.

“Morris is what the Nike Camp is all about – a player who has already made a college commitment but still comes out to work on his game and get better from both coaching and competition against other top prospects,” wrote ESPNRISE’s Brian Stumpf.

It also went on to say Morris did well in one-on-one coverage drills against RBs. As far as I’ve been able to tell, there was no timing done here.

Morris, who committed to the Hawkeyes in December 2007, will be a senior next at Solon next fall. The Spartans are the two-time defending Class 2A state champions. The Spartans have also won 27 straight games.


Solon's James Morris carries the ball over Mount Vernon defense players during their game Friday, Aug. 29, 2008 at Mount Vernon. (Gazette file)

Solon's James Morris carries the ball over Mount Vernon defense players during their game Friday, Aug. 29, 2008 at Mount Vernon. (Gazette file)



  1. I am really excited about recruits like Morris, Keenan Davis, Brandon Wegher and others who are local Iowa kids suiting up for the black and gold.

    At least for now, Iowa is batting 1.000 at signing the top in-state prospects. Hopefully this trend will continue for the new few years.

    Go Hawks!

  2. AMW,

    Not quite 1.000 since Barrent de-committed and ended up at MSU.

  3. Who would you say replaced Barrent’s scholarship?

    I think Matt Murphy. It’ll be interesting to compare their careers.

  4. I forgot about Barrent. Thanks for the reminder. Other than Todd Blythe, when was the last time we lost out to a premiere recruit in the state of Iowa to ISU? (I do not think Arnaud qualifies as such).

    Go Hawks!

  5. Kid sounds like a winner.

    Completely off topic but what in the world is happening in CRville? It seems as though there is bad crime and cops getting assaulted regularly? I know this should be here Marc but I don’t post anywhere else on the CRG site and was curious.

    I grew up in the “hood”, and it was never what it seems like now.

  6. I know of two incidents — Davis and a lesser run-in. But that’s too many.

    I used to drink/eat at a place on 1st Ave. quite a bit but don’t anymore. That’s more me getting old than anything else, but I can’t say that location didn’t have anything to do with it.

  7. I didn’t see the latest, E.

    What is going on here?

  8. Front page of this site. 3 people assaulted two cops. Insanity seems to be taking off there and it’s too bad.

    I won’t ask about it here anymore as I know it’s not the place.

    I’ll say this. I am very excited about what KF is putting together for this year and the future. I notice that no one is asking recruits if they asked him about leaving anymore. Finally.

    It’ll happen someday but I think he hangs around like JHF.

  9. I kind of get that feeling, too, E.

  10. I like how you guys feel.:)

  11. […] him a scholarship. The last time Iowa offered this early, it was James Morris. That seems to be working out. Blythe is only 16 now and will be a junior next […]

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