Posted by: marcmwm | June 3, 2009

Tracking Iowa football kickoff times . . .

Ok, we know there are three night games. Let’s see where we’re at and which ones still need a time.

Sept. 5 — Northern Iowa (TBA)

Sept. 12 — @Iowa State (11 a.m., Fox Sports Net)

Sept. 19 — Arizona (TBA)

Sept. 26 — @Penn State (7 p.m. ABC or ESPN)

Oct. 3 — Arkansas State (TBA)

Oct. 10 — Michigan (7 p.m. ABC or ESPN)

Oct. 17 — @Wisconsin (11 a.m. ESPN, ESPN2 or Big Ten Network)

Oct. 24 — @Michigan State (6 p.m. BTN))

Oct. 31 — Indiana (TBA)

Nov. 7 — Northwestern (TBA)

Nov. 14 — @Ohio State (TBA)

Nov. 21 — Minnesota (TBA)

If UNI kicked off after 11 a.m., I’d be shocked. It could happen if it goes BTN, but I’d be shocked. Same for Arkansas State. That’s got to be headed toward 11 a.m. Indiana and Northwestern smell like 11 a.m., but track the ‘Cats. If they have success, it could push that game to a later start.

The Arizona game is interesting. I don’t see it kicking off at 11 a.m. My guess would be a regional 2:30 start. Ohio State could be headed the same way. Pending Michigan and Rich Rod’s second-year bounce factor, the Hawkeyes could pose the biggest threat to Ohio State’s fifth consecutive Big Ten title. I’m thinking 2:30 here, in the Horseshoe, sea of red (or scarlet).

Minnesota will be 11 a.m. Gophers’ success could change that, but Nov. 21, late fall Iowa weather, I expect 11 a.m. I wrote a story after Iowa’s home night game against Syracuse. AD Gary Barta said one home night game a season was a good fit for Iowa. Two weeks of major changes in protocol and personnel would be tough to pull off, he said.



  1. Great stuff, Marc. I hope AZ is an 11:00 AM start.

    You know it’ll be a late one when we head west to play them. And we don’t do so well in the dark desert. So, hopefully, the early start hurts them.

    I know UNI will be an early start, but it would be kind of cool to play them late. It’s Labor Day weekend; pretty festive on the bar seen. It would be a lot of fun to have a Hawkeye party that night.

  2. Mark:

    For the record, the prime time (night) game schedule for the Big Ten Conference in 2009 is complete.

  3. Rick, thanks!

    I wondered about ‘Zona.

  4. Paul, remembering Arizona State?

    That was Dirk Koetter’s best win, IMO. It was all down hill from there.

    But remember, Iowa lost one more game that year. Man, that was fun. A great defense and Drew Tate.

  5. C’mon, Rick, you left us hanging! We need the Arizona kick-off time (or at least your insider scoop on what is happening on that front!)

  6. I agree that pretty much every other game is headed for an 11 o’clock start except for Ohio State and possibly Arizona. I thought the Wisconsin game had a chance for the 2:30 time slot too, but I guess not any more.

  7. Do you guys like knowing about the kickoff times early?

    I know I do, even if it’s the dreaded night game, which are bad for newspaper deadlines but not for the open-all-night nature of this blog.

    Expect plenty of coverage of night games here.

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