Posted by: marcmwm | May 30, 2009

Academics send Shane Prater to Iowa Western

Iowa receiver Shane Prater told the Omaha World-Herald that “party life” led to a lost second semester and academic shortcomings, so now he’s off to Iowa Western Community College.

Shane Prater, who redshirted in ’08, came to Iowa with his twin brother, Shaun. They always played on the same team. Shaun Prater was charged with an OWI in late February.

In this story, Shane Prater sounds somewhat disillusioned with Iowa City.



  1. Hi Marc,

    Any word on whether David Blackwell will be making it to IC in the near future?

  2. I told you in the post spring game live blog this was going to happen!!! I highly doubt that Shane will be coming back to IU unless he gets no other D-1 offers. I was told he wants to look for a pass first type of offense. I truly think that he didn’t expect to see the field at Iowa with so much help coming in at receiver in this class. Either way, living in SW Iowa, it will be great to have some local JUCO football at IWCC and fun to watch Shane play again. I wish Shane well. I just hope he doesn’t keep blowing his chances.

  3. Brad — No word. Will call this week. I’m kind of interested in Iowa Western, a school actually starting football in this day and age.

    SW — I wish I remembered that!!! That sounds logical, not happy with offense, sees the competition coming in. If you have any Shaun Prater news, please, fell free to let me know. I’m listening, I swear!!!!

  4. Any sense on what this means for Shaun? I seem to recall that during the recruiting of the Prater brothers, Shaun was the more highly-sought recruit by our coaching staff and the offer to Shane was kind of something they had to do to get Shaun. Not saying that Shane wasn’t a target of the coaches, only that Shaun was the one they were more interested in. Any word/rumors on Shaun’s future?

  5. That is a great question, Ethan. I wish I had a solid answer. I haven’t heard anything about a possible departure.

  6. […] most recent Hawkeye to leave because of academics was Shane Prater in late May. It was blogged here and it was reported in the Omaha World-Herald. Prater, whose twin brother Shaun is a CB at Iowa, […]

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