Posted by: marcmwm | May 19, 2009

Iowa looking for defensive GA gets a lot of coaching info. I have no idea how accurate it is, but the site has an item on Iowa.

It’s dated May 13. Scroll a little more than halfway down the page. It says Iowa will hire within for a defensive graduate assistant. Last season, Seth Wallace completed his third year as the defensive grad assistant.

GA’s don’t stick around schools forever. It’s a foot in the door. I have no idea if someone left or whatever, but there that is from

EDIT: Thanks to Nathan, it looks as though Wallace has taken the defensive backs position at Valdosta State. Just scroll down another day to May 12. Would the “hire from within” perhaps be LeVar Woods?



  1. A post a little bit farther down that page says that Seth Wallace has joined the Valdosta State staff as a defensive backs coach.

  2. Thanks, Nathan.

  3. Nathan needs to start his own blog so we get updated information quicker than we do here (:

    It was there and all in good fun!

  4. I agree, E!! But the price is right here, isn’t it?

    I’m working on some “Four Downs” the Big Ten versions for release next week.

    Also, talked to Jeff Brinson’s high school coach, Jay Austin. Interesting stuff. I’m trying to get that out before I leave for vacation.

    I’m working it.

  5. Umm, can I apply, KF? I will wake up every day at 4:00 a.m. and work until 10 p.m. at a salary of less than $30,000, plus you will not find a bigger Hawkeye fan and supporter. I know my resume may not translate to football knowledge–at least on paper–but I am willing to learn.

    Go Hawks!

  6. I think Adam Shada would fit the bill if Wallace was helping out at DB. Or if it doesn’t work out for Mr. Kroul, he can come back and help out his buddies.

  7. My favorite price in the world Marc. When will that change as this site won’t be free forever as we all know.

    Can’t wait to hear about Brinson.

  8. Kirk, AMW. AMW, Kirk Ferentz.

  9. Actually, I don’t see this becoming a pay site. I do, however, see advertising coming when I move off this particular version of Word Press.

    Man, I hope it’s beer ads. I want it to be something we all can use.

  10. Thai, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shada is in some sort of postgraduate study. He could’ve gone to Iowa on an academic scholarship. Very smart kid.

  11. Thanks for keeping us informed, Marc.
    I for one really appreciate that you actually seem to like the hawks which is more than I can say for anyone at the Register or QC times (or on KXNO radio). I really don’t understand the pretentious pseudo-sophisticated sports journalists that seem to have disdain for all things Iowa Athletics. Where do these jerks come from? This is sports people! They act like if they were to support a team that it’s going to ruin their chance at a Pulitzer. PUH-LEASE!
    Had to get that off my chest. Feel better now….Do you or does anyone know any good streaming radio sites where I could listen to someone talk about Iowa sports? (that’s not a hater?)

  12. Jebus-

    Miller and Deace’s program on KXNO is a very good radio show that often centers around college football and more specifically, Iowa and ISU football. If you go to the KXNO website, you can download previous show podcasts.

    Marc, any thoughts about you, Hlas and Scott doing a weekly roundtable podcast?

  13. Thanks, AMW…….I don’t think I could handle the evangelism though. (Both of those sanctimonious dips could use a drink IMO.)
    I DO remember Deace saying last year that he thought Michigan was “underrated” going into the season last year. HA HA HA HA HA! (Good eye there, Chunk!) Can’t wait to annihilate the wolverettes this year. I’ll be tuning into the aftermath of that. : o )

  14. I enjoy Jon and Steve’s show. Steve is a college football savant. Jon knows his Hawkeye (and I talked to him on the phone the other day, he also knows his Big Ten as well as anyone). I don’t wake up early enough for it, but that’s a me thing. I loved Ken and Marty. I know that, at times, was sports radio at its most raw, but I liked it. I enjoyed doing their show. They kept me on my toes. Bob Bruce also doesn’t let me get away with being a doofus.

    Thank you, Jebus. I’m glad that you see that. I truly enjoy sports. When I say that, I don’t just mean scores and stats and plays and games. I enjoy the entire culture of sports. How teams are built and interact. How fans deal with the triumphs and trials. It elicits emotion. What more could I ask?

    I’ve always had a hard time with the detachment part of this job. I don’t get it, so I don’t pretend.

  15. I may be in the minority on this, but I really miss Marty. Despite his outlandish claims and sometimes over-the-top style, he knew sports and he understood the sports culture of the state of Iowa.

    The new guy (Matt Perrault (sp?) hails from Nebraska and it seems has already ruffled Iowa fans’ feathers by stating that Iowa has not done anything as a program the past 30 years, etc. I have no problem with people being critical of the Iowa football program, but if you are going to do so, bring something to the table other than the agenda of trying to stir the pot with the Hawkeye Nation.

    Go Hawks!

  16. Yeah, AMW, it’s easy to see through pot stirrers. I had an e-mail conversation with one of the fellas at BHGP about intellectual honesty. It’s saying something that you don’t really believe to move the needle.

    I’m not saying that’s going on now. I haven’t listened to the new afternoon show. Been wildly busy around here.

  17. That may be the first time the words “BHGP” and “intellectual” were used together in a sentence.

  18. I know it’s the first time it’s been used here.

  19. I realize I should wear a dunce hat for this next comment, but what is BHGP?

  20. Black Heart Gold Pants

  21. I just visited BHGP, I now feel like I need to go shower or wash my hands. Not to mention the fact that I just lost brain cells trying to follow those articles.

  22. Give it time AMW. They are pretty knowledgeable fans and can give some good insight into games.

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