Posted by: marcmwm | May 13, 2009

On ESPN’s College Football Live next week . . .


Here’s next week’s schedule of topics (you’ll be particularly interested in Tuesday’s topic):

  • Monday, May 18

Which coach is the best to have on the sideline if there is only one game to win?

  • Tuesday, May 19

What the Big 10 Conference has to do to improve its image?

  • Wednesday, May 20

Whether USC’s seven-year run of 10 or more wins ends this year?

  • Thursday, May 21

The tougher conference: the SEC or Big 12?

  • Friday, May 22

The quarterback more likely to win a second Heisman Trophy: Florida’s Tim Tebow or Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford?

The show airs at 2:30 p.m. (Iowa time) on ESPN. Also included this week is a week-long roundtable discussion on five topics with analysts and former quarterbacks Kirk Herbstreit,  Jesse Palmer and Brock Huard.



  1. Any topic of conversation is better than Notre Dame week on College Football Live.

    I realize that it is likely beyond the scope of improving the Big Ten’s image, but I really wish that the national pundits would give up the add a 12th team campaign.

    The only team athletically and academically that would merit a spot in the Big 10 is Notre Dame. Until they lose their NBC contract, all talk of a different 12th team (e.g. Missouri, Pitt, Rutgers and god forbid, Iowa State) should cease.

    Ok, I am done ranting.

    Is it too early to be psyched about the upcoming college football season?

    Go Hawks!

  2. No, AM, it’s not too early, not here anyway!!!

    I agree. The only 12th team for the Big Ten is Notre Dame, which has a strong deal with NBC and the plenary indulgence into the heart of the BCS nearly every season. Notre Dame’s got a sweet deal and really has no incentive to join the Big Ten. The only thing that could change it is ND’s deal getting less and less sweet. I don’t see that happening, not right now anyway. Another iffy season or two? A 7-5 record might not make for good TV, but what else is NBC going to show?

  3. Will Jesse Palmer be talking about his days on the hit ABC reality show “The Bachelor”? I really hope so!!!!!

  4. I agree that ND is the best option.

    I think some other schools merit consideration (mainly because ND won’t join) but I would really like the big 10 to stay true to its roots in the midwest. I don’t really like the thought of Rutgers or Syracuse or even Pitt. I would sooner have Missouri or Nebraska.

    My question is if the big 10 added a twelfth member; what would we call the conference? The challenge is to find a name that has prestige and doesn’t sound like some mid-major concoction.

  5. Although I am not sure it fits academically, I think Louisville works well from an athletic standpoint.

  6. What about Texas?

    I know, it’s a geographic false step, but as far as prestige and recent success, it’s better than ND.

  7. Marc-

    I would be very happy with Texas as an addition to the Big Ten, but I think they would be less inclined to join the conference than even Notre Dame.

    My sense is that they have ultimate control over the Big 12 as a conference in terms of what strategies the conference seeks to pursue.

  8. I doubt you’d be able to convince a school from the Big 12, let alone one of it’s premiere schools, to join the Big Ten. There’s little to no benefit for them doing so. You could say the same about any of the “big” conferences. FWIW, I consider the Big 12, Big Ten, ACC, SEC and Pac 10 as the top tier conferences. The Big East and C-USA are a step below and you might be able to convince one of their schools to join.

    three and out makes a good point about academics being part of the decision. I’m sure the Big Ten sees itself as more than an athletic conference and would want a school that has embraced the concept of “student athlete” as well.

  9. Is there any truth to the conventional wisdom that any team added to the Big 10 must have a wrestling team? I’ve heard that many times, but I don’t know if it’s true.

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