Posted by: marcmwm | May 12, 2009

My podcast with Hawkeye House creator Josh Heyer

Meet Josh Heyer, a journalism student at the University of Iowa.

He called me up one day and asked if I would join him for a podcast, a school project. I said yes, of course.

I’m afraid I may have sunk his grade. We talked and talked and talked Hawkeyes and Big Ten. If the project was based on brevity, Josh is in trouble. But if completeness counts, he should be good.

This is Hawkeye stuff and Josh’s take on Big Ten rankings for positional players. It’s 73 minutes, so I would chunk it, sample it or iPod it.

I’d like to thank Josh for giving me a chance to participate.

Here’s the link to Josh’s site.

And below is a link to the actual podcast.

Hawkeye House Podcast w/ the Gazettes Marc Morehouse – Josh Heyer, Marc Morehouse



  1. I’ll give it a listen.

    But does anyone know how to get this through an iTunes feed?

  2. I tried to listen but the audio’s just too bad. The host is at one level and Morehouse is much quieter. If you turn it up to hear Morehouse, the host is just too loud.

  3. Sorry about that, MF.

    I wasn’t sure how that would work. We’re experimenting here.

    Is the Wings’ game tonight?

  4. Yes. 9pm on VS. I’m already nauseous. You may have performed CPR on yourself last night. I hope I don’t have to perform the Heimlich on myself tonight.

  5. Of course, the Bruins game will probably go quadruple OT and I’ll only get to watch the Wings during intermissions.

  6. I watched the whole Hawks game on an alternative channel through the Center Ice package.

    Center Ice has paid for itself many times over this year. I am, probably, dropping the NFL Sunday Ticket. The HD package, $100 extra, hardly ever worked last year.

  7. Marc-

    Out of curiousity, how much does the Center Ice package cost per season?

    I have been trying to encourage all of non-hockey friends to watch the playoffs this season. Talk about great hockey.

  8. We don’t have DISH or DirecTV and most likely won’t have it before 9pm tonight.

    I actually watched the Hawks on Versus last night but they had the Comcast Sports feed so I got Homer Foley’s call.

  9. I want to say Center Ice is $160ish, give or take $10 or so.

    Extremely reasonable for everything you get. Darn near every regular-season game and the playoff feeds for games not on Vs.

    Totally worth it.

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