Posted by: marcmwm | April 30, 2009

Yes, I’ve heard of possible transfers

Called Iowa, no confirmation. Called another D-I school, no confirmation.

The players rumored aren’t in the immediate plans, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important.

Can’t confirm yet and so I’ll wait on the names.



  1. Is this a football or basketball story?

  2. It’s football, Eddie.

  3. It’s gotta be guys who are low on the depth chart after spring ball.

  4. Or guys at positions where there are logjams.


    It’s DJK, Stanzi, Hampton AND Clayborn. Right?

  6. No, no, no and no.

    I hesitated to bring this up. Probably shouldn’t have.

    This could be nothing, that’s why I didn’t put names to it.

  7. Your restraint certainly doesn’t apply to the message boards where lists of possibilities have already been drafted. At last count, I think every member of the team has been mentioned, save Greenwood.

    And yes, I realize none of the names I mentioned were legit, that’s the fun of baseless internet speculation/fear-mongering. I, as an anonymous-ish commenter, am free to say the most reckless, irresponsible, no-basis-to-it-whatsoever things. You, as a journalist, with you “journalistic ethics” (which sounds suspiciously un-American if you ask me), are required to report only when you have “facts” and “corroboration”. Where’s the fun in that?

  8. LOL, Ethan!!!

    Take $3.00 out of petty cash!!

    I’ve made my share of mistakes by moving too quickly with news. I’m learning, hopefully.

    There’s nothing wrong with messageboards and speculation. It’s fun. I post on a Chicago Blackhawks’ board and I’m as grumpy and whiny as anyone. I’m not immune, not by a longshot!! I do, however, try to stay away from the internet tough guy bit. I go there mostly for the good humor, but I stay for the mob mentality, pitchforks included.

  9. I’d be grumpy and whiny too if I was a Blackhawks fan.

  10. If it’s the name I’ve heard then, yeah, that would suck. He probably won’t play much this year, but he’s a good player.

  11. it appears to have blown over without losing the LB. Interesting how Carl Jackson reportedly played a role with coaches out recruiting.

  12. You guys are worried about this with the swine flu infecting the planet? Oh, the humanity.

  13. The LB has had significant playing time already. I hear that another scenario is that he may redshirt this year and stay at Iowa.

    The DE I don’t know a lot about.


  14. Well, the one has worked itself out. The other, the longer we don’t hear anything, at least official, the better.

  15. Is Ferentz really being considered for the SCOTUS?

  16. There’s a joke here, but I’m going to let it ride.

  17. Yeah, the joke is he’s more qualified to be POTUS than the current occupant.

    Sorry Marc, I’ll leave politics out of it going forward….To my friends on the left, it’s a joke(not really) so please don’t start harping and have a nice weekend.

  18. I would appreciate that, E.

    Politics starts flame wars and always leads to name-calling.

    I’m blissfully apolitical and vote with logic and good sense, trying to keep emotion out of it.

    I write-in Hlas for county soil commissioner every year.

  19. Trust me, I won’t respond to anything. I like this board as it never breaks down to that, soooo I went ahead and did it.

  20. But it’s still OK to discuss religion, right? Because you’d be surprised at the lack of quality blogs that focus on religion, beer and Hawkeye football.

  21. LOL!

    What is this? Make Marc sweat day!!

    I like to keep it simple, beer and Iowa football. If I can work a live chat with supermodels, I’ll lock it down.

  22. Got it. Beer, Iowa football, and the occasional bondage supermodel chat.

  23. Only occasional.

  24. Yeah. Otherwise it just gets creepy and perverted. We have BHGP for that.

  25. I leave that to the pros.

  26. What’s BHGP?

  27. It’s a funny, crazy Hawkeye website that’s linked here. Those guys are irreverent, work blue and have a genuinely twisted, fresh view on Iowa sports and Funyans.

  28. Not to mention an unhealthy obsession with flag ties and mullets.

  29. How dare you, sir. There is nothing unhealthy about appreciating True American Hero J Leman. Unless you think there’s something “unhealthy” about loving freedom.

  30. You do know he’s a spy, don’t you? Bread from the loins of the Zooker and an unholy union with Pete Carroll?

  31. Finally, we have a J Leman thread here.

    I’m so proud today!

    God bless, America and the Leman.

  32. Lies! Lies and communist propaganda!

    J Leman has saved your life more times that you could possibly imagine and you should show some respect.

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