Posted by: marcmwm | April 22, 2009

Live chat Thursday

Please join us Thursday morning at 11:30 for a live chat on the Hawkeyes, the NFL draft and whatever else is on your mind.

Columnist Mike Hlas and Iowa writers Scott Dochterman and I will be on board.

Which Hawkeyes will hear their names called in this weekend’s NFL draft? How high will Shonn Greene go? Which team will be smart enough to draft Rob Bruggeman? Mitch King? Fullback? How high will Bradley Fletcher go? His draft status has climbed the last few weeks.

Join us here.



  1. I was at the Polk County I-Club’s Spring Football Banquet last night and got to hear Bruggeman, King and Kroul accept awards. King has a natural speaking ability and really connected with the crowd when Jon Miller asked him about something he did during the bowl game.

    During a timeout when the the game was already determined, King started lifting his hands to get the crowd fired up. King said he had a chill go up his back as Miller described it and that it was kind of a last hurrah as a Hawkeye. He said, “Yeah, they deserved the asskicking we gave them”, but we still needed everybody into the game and having fun.

    He also talked about the transition to the line and his reluctance, but he could not express how much opportunity that had presented him and how grateful he is that it happened.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Marc.

    Mitch is an ultra-engaging personality. I enjoyed covering him for four years. He kept things interesting.

    As a reporter, I could use a Mitch every year, someone who speaks their mind.

  3. How Jon Miller gets any of those gigs is beyond my comprehension.

  4. Just a tidbit for you live chat today…I was listening to 950 ESPN here in Philly yesterday on my drive home. On Mike Missanelli’s show they were of course talking draft, specifically which running back the Eagles should pick using their first round pick. MikeyMiss, as they call him, then went into a rant about how there are 3 classes of running backs in this years class. He said you have your first tier with Wells and Moreno, your second tier (didn’t mention any names), and then your third tier with Andre Brown (N.C. State) and Shonn Greene. I about went through the roof, and if I wouldn’t have had to be somewhere I probably would have called in. I don’t see how you can win the Doak Walker Award and still not get any national respect.

  5. EP, Jon Miller gets those gigs because he looks so good compared to Steve Deace and he’s marketed himself as the only openly pro-Hawk “reporter” under 80 in the Des Moines area.

  6. Good chat today, Marc. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Bucket.

    I enjoy those.

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