Posted by: marcmwm | April 22, 2009

Iowa leadership group named

IOWA FB LEADERSHIP GROUP NAMED                                           April 22, 2009



            (FROM IOWA SPORTS INFO) IOWA CITY, IA – Thirteen University of Iowa football players have been named to the team’s 2009 Hawkeye Leadership Group. Head Coach Kirk Ferentz announced the group following a vote by members of each individual class.


            Three seniors, four juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen (redshirt) make up the Hawkeye Leadership Group. A member of the 2009 incoming freshman class will be added in the fall.


            The purpose of the group is to help formulate policies and enter into team decision-making matters regarding the upcoming season.


            “As always, the players have done a fine job in their selections for the Leadership Group,” said Ferentz.  “The coaching staff looks forward to working with the 2009 group as we shape policies and decisions regarding the upcoming season. This group is very important to all of us involved with Iowa football.”


            The 2009 Hawkeye Leadership Group includes:


            Pat Angerer                 LB       Senior              Bettendorf, IA

            Broderick Binns          DE       Sophomore      St. Paul, MN

            Bryan Bulaga              OL       Junior              Crystal Lake, IL

            Greg Castillo               DB      Freshman         Mt. Laurel, NJ

Adrian Clayborn         DE       Junior              St. Louis, MO

A.J. Edds                    LB       Senior              Greenwood, IN

Brett Greenwood        DB      Junior              Bettendorf, IA

            Marvin McNutt           WR      Sophomore      St. Louis, MO

            Tony Moeaki               TE       Senior              Wheaton, IL

            Tyler Nielsen               LB       Sophomore      Humboldt, IA

            Tyler Sash                   DB      Sophomore      Oskaloosa, IA

            Ricky Stanzi                QB      Junior              Mentor, OH

            James Vandenberg      QB      Freshman         Keokuk, IA





  1. Again, no love for Iowa’s Heisman Trophy candidate, Ryan Donahue.

    What are the procedures for a recount?

  2. They must really be confident in Clayborn’s innocence, right Marc?

  3. I was thinking the same thing about AC. hopefully, we, or they, are correct.

    Based on what you know about that episode what are your thoughts Marc?

  4. Good point on AC. Marc?

    Also, a big “wow” for Greg Castillo. Cool.

    And Mr McNutt. Good job peoples!

  5. Marc, is it typical that there would be fewer seniors on the leadership group than juniors and sophomores? Should we be reading something into this? Does the staff not think there is good leadership in the senior class? It seems to me that in the past, the senior class has had the largest representation on this leadership group.

  6. It’s a good sign to see Vandy on there…..It’s a lot easier to take over the huddle if you have the respect of your peers.

    Cool to see Castillo and Binns on there too and Tyler Nielsen….

  7. I think the small number of seniors simply reflects the small senior class.

    I’ve heard something about the Clayborn incident that could be a giant mitigating factor.

    It’s something that twisted things around for me quite a bit. It’ll come out during the trial.

  8. HAWKEYES ONCE AGAIN GET NO LOVE FROM THE mainstream media pinheads.

    Check out the Bozo, Staples on CNNSI website.

    He didn’t include IOWA in his Top 25, no mention after Spring Ball…………but he put the Domers in ……..Notre Dame Sucks

  9. […] a John Wienke pass and returning it 50 yards for a TD. He’s also a member of Iowa’s leadership committee. While Prater and Lowe played last season, Castillo took a redshirt. He’s in this […]


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