Posted by: marcmwm | April 18, 2009

Quick notes and stats from Saturday’s scrimmage

I have to warn up front, these are accurate like the weather reports are accurate.

With that . . .

First drive was the best for the first-team O. It was its lone scoring drive of the day.

Freshman RB Jeff Brinson capped it with a 9-yard run. He had three carries for 26 yards with a long run of 12. QB Ricky Stanzi was 3 for 4 on the drive for 36 yards.


Stanzi finished 8 of 11 for 120 yards, no picks, no TDs. He looked in command. Didn’t get much help in blitz pickup section. Iowa also didn’t run much, running out of RBs.

James Vandenberg was 8 of 12 for 132 yards, no picks and no TDs. IMO, he’s the No. 2. There is some space between Vandenberg and John Wienke.

Wienke was 3 of 6 for 46 yards. He scrambled the most. It seemed to me his numbers were better, but that’s what I had. On his first throw during the scrimmage, he was late into the flat and freshman cornerback Greg Castillo stepped in front and took it 50 yards for a TD. The only other TD scored was Brinson’s 9-yarder.


Sophomore Jewel Hampton didn’t play. He took a shot (lower leg) last week in practice and he was still trying to work that out. Nothing serious, I don’t think. He dressed Saturday, but didn’t participate in contact.

Freshman Jeff Brinson was impressive before he rolled his right ankle. He had it iced and was in a walking boot afterward. Before the injury, he was the best RB, rushing nine times for 44 yards, with the 9-yard TD. He also caught two passes, including a screen pass, for 14 yards. Impressive.

Paki O’Meara finished 9 for 13. He was steady. He’s in the mix.

Jayme Murphy finished 6 for 7. He didn’t get much help. It was good to see him out there. There was some question about that after he suffered his fourth concussion last fall.

Freshman Adam Robinson is back at RB after an early foray at safety early in camp. He went against the 3s and played well, gaining 34 on six carries.

WRs and TEs

Off the top, DJK didn’t get a sniff in the passing game. He’s clearly in the doghouse. How deep? Kirk Ferentz didn’t really say. But this could also be a way to get Marvin McNutt some PT. He needs it more than DJK does. DJK has been Iowa’s leading receiver the last two years.

Trey Stross — looked healthy and quick and has a chip on his shoulder — 3 for 55.

Colin Sandeman — ditto, was more aggressive than he’s ever been — 4 for 113.

Paul Chaney — he played, that’s a start after last year’s year-long stay in the D-house — 1 for 8.

Marvin McNutt — looks like a keeper, I see him as a 3 or 4 right now, before the frosh are in pads (K. Davis and N’goumou) — 1-11.

TE Allen Reisner — right where I expected him, a year bigger, better — 1-25.

Nick Kuchel — walk-on — 1-9.

Brinson 2-14.

TE J.D. Griggs — big body, needs knee bend — 1-15.

TE Brad Herman — behind Reisner, physical player — 2-21

TE. Jonathan Gimm — No. 4? — 1-11.

TE Kyle Spading — walk-on — 1-9.

WR Don Nordmann — walk-on — only drop. Don’t mean to single him out there. It would’ve been a good catch. But one drop from the entire receiver corps — that’s a good stat.


The defense had 13 sacks, but I wouldn’t read too much into that. The whistle blew whenever a defender got close to the QB. But since we’re counting, DE Broderick Binns had a pair. DT Steve Bigach had one with a quick move that beat Kyle Haganman. DT Karl Klug beat Richardson for one. MLB Jacody Coleman had a pair on blitzes.

Field goals

Daniel Murray 2 of 2 from 38, 3 of 4 from 43 with a wide left; 2 of 2 from 35; 1-1 from 40; from 50, he was 1 of 4 with two WLs and a WR. Overall, Murray was 9 of 13.

Trent Mossbrucker was 1-1 from 38; 4 of 4 from 43; 2 of 2 from 35; 0-1 (WR) from 40; and 1 of 4 from 50 (WL, WL, S and good). Overall, Mossbrucker was 8 of 12.

Quick impression, Murray’s job. He has a stronger leg. Mossbrucker might have the edge in accuracy. Murray clearly has the stronger leg.

Injuries and notes

The following didn’t dress — LB Tyler Nielsen (back), DE Joe Gaglione (shoulder), OL Andy Kuempel (shoulder), TE Tony Moeaki (foot), DT Chad Geary (ACL/knee), LB A.J. Edds (shoulder), S Tyler Sash (shoulder), S Brett Greenwood (shoulder), DT Cody Hundertmark (shoulder) and LB Troy Johnson (foot).

Geary has a torn ACL. Will be out to fall at least and probably a little longer. It’s repairable and clean, Ferentz said.

Johnson had foot surgery this week. He has a good shot to be back this summer.

Gaglione needs shoulder surgery. He probably won’t be back until fall camp.

Hampton was held out of contact Saturday. From Kirk Ferentz, “He’s on the comeback trail.”

Ferentz on Brinson — “He’ll be fine in a week or so.”

Ferentz on guard Dace Richardson, who’s attempting a comeback after missing two years — “He looks like a guy who hasn’t been on the field in a couple of years. But most importantly, he’s been out here every practice and he has a smile on his face. I would think he’ll be a lot better player by September.”

Ferentz didn’t say much about the three players who were suspended — including his son, James, a freshman O-lineman — after an April 6 public intoxication incident. “Those guys got suspended through the spring and haven’t thought much about it since then. I’ll turn my thoughts to that probably sometime tomorrow and go from there.”

James Ferentz and Zach Derby, a freshman walk-on, face bench trails on public intox charges on May 8. Tyler Christensen, also a freshman walk-on, pleaded guilty when the incident occurred April 6.

Junior Julian Vandervelde saw some snaps at center. That’s not just fooling around, either, Kirk Ferentz said.

“We’re keeping an open mind,” he said. “Our guys have been banged up. It’s not going to hurt them. Ultimately, we’ll try to get our best five guys on the field. We’ll have an open mind, really, towards everything. Although, I think we’re pretty set at tackle.”

Ferentz on DEs Adrian Clayborn and Christian Ballard jumping in at tackle when needed: “It’s one of the best things I saw during spring practice. We had some injury situations and were down to six defensive linemen and both of those guys jumped in there on their own. Getting back to leadership and them acting like King and Kroul, it’s one of the best things I saw this spring. Just shows you they’re thinking right. We’re keeping an open mind there, too.”

Message being sent to DJK at this point, KF said, “He’s played. He’s competing just like everyone else. There are no incumbents. Incumbent means you can’t get beat out? It means you’re a lock? It means you where? We don’t have any guaranteed contracts. Everybody’s got to play. They’ve got to compete and play. It’s not necessarily Derrell. Marvin’s done a good job. Some other guys have done a good job, too. I think we have some pretty good competition.”

On night games, “I’m all for night games at home. They’re great at home; they stink on the road. It’s about as simple as that. We’ve got a tough road schedule next year. Throw in Iowa State and a couple night games, the degree of difficulty goes up.”

Ferentz wondered if Iowa was the only Big Ten team being asked to play two night road games. “A little research project for everybody.”

Yes, Iowa is the only team with two night road games.



  1. How fast did Castillo look on the Pick-6?

    Somewhat surprising that we blitzed Coleman…sign of things to come next year or just trying to do what our opponents will do and test the OLine?

  2. Castillo made a good play. The throw might’ve been a little late, but he made a great break and was gone. They blew the play dead before he went all the way, but no one was catching him. I think needs a little more lead in him, but yesterday he showed up and made a play.

    I think the blitzes were just sort of generic. I’m not sure if it wasn’t more for the benefit of the offense than the defense. That’s been a regular section in Iowa practices the last few seasons, a blitz pick up drill.

  3. Any other notes on the interior defensive line? It looks from the video that the OLine was getting a bit more push on them.

  4. Hi Neal, I’m not sure this D-line can “slug it out,” in Norm’s words. King won a lot of inside battles with uncommon quickness and a great first step. Kroul won or stalemated with uncommon technique. That’s going to take time to find on this DL. I think it’s an athletic group that will need to rely on quickness.

    I think Bigach gets it. He might be a year away, but I liked what I saw from him Saturday. Klug is a fourth-year junior. He’s two years removed from back surgery. He’s got a more mature body and might be poised to make some contributions. Daniels is short, but he’s got a bubble and good quickness. Norm said he’s not sure Daniels can slug. We’ll find out.

    Lebron Daniel is intriguing. He made some plays Saturday. He might contribute somewhere.

    The OL was the winner Saturday. It’s a more mature group (bigger, stronger).

  5. […] Castillo (fr.) — The 5-11, 180-pounder made a decent splash in spring ball, interception a John Wienke pass and returning it 50 yards for a TD. He’s also […]

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