Posted by: marcmwm | April 14, 2009

Your two deeps going into Saturday’s spring finale

I’m starting a story on defensive coordinator Norm Parker and offensive coordinator Ken O’Keefe now. Later, I will have Norm video and a O’Keefe’s opening statement (I ran out of memory. Sorry, I’m just learning the vid stuff.)

Saturday’s spring finale begins at 1 p.m. and will last approximately an hour and a half.


WR (X) — McNutt, DJK/Nordmann

LT — Bulaga, Reiff

LG — Vandervelde/Richardson, Haganman

C — Eubanks, Koeppel

RG — Vandervelde/Doering, Gettis

RT — Calloway, Zusevics

TE (Y) — Reisner, Herman

RB — Hampton, O’Meara/Brinson

QB — Stanzi, Vandenberg/Wienke

FB — Morse, Leppert

WR (Z) — Stross, Chaney/Sandeman



DE — Clayborn, Daniel

RT — Klug, Bigach

LT — Daniels, Meade

DE — Ballard, Binns

WLB — Hunter, Tarpinian

MLB — Angerer, Coleman

OLB — Nielsen/Johnson

RC — Spievey, Castillo

FS — Swanson, N. Nielsen

SS — Cato, Herbst

LC — Bernstine, Shaun Prater/Lowe



K — Murray, Mossbrucker

P — Donahue, Guthrie

Snapper — Schulze, N. Murphy


  1. Marc-

    Although spring two-deeps mean about as much as Beano Cook’s observations, how much credence do you give to McNutt being listed ahead of DJK? This appears to jive with the reports coming out of spring practice that the coaches were not very happy with DJK’s performance on the field.

    Any other observations that came to your mind upon review of the two-deep release?

    Go Hawks!

  2. Hey AM,

    When will coaches run out of patience with DJK and his work habits? I don’t think it’s a big deal, the depth chart and McNutt, but is there a breaking point? I don’t know. This is likely a mountain/mole hill deal. It’s spring and we all need storylines. DJK is a proven performer. I don’t want to dismiss this, but, ultimately, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    Quick observations:

    Meade? Is this for real? It’d sure help. I actually like the idea of a DT rotation. Sounds like that’s where it’s headed.

    Inside trio on the OL is way unsettled. I think Vandervelde at C might be the best move, especially with James Ferentz in limbo for now and the future.

    If Dace is effective, it’ll be like finding a $20 bill. That’d be a great story and a huge help.

    What Norm said about Hunter/Tarpinian grabbed my interest.

    So did Norm’s comments on left corner, which sounds wide open.

    This spring has to be good for the young safeties, Cato and Swanson.

  3. My takeaway is that Rieff is a stud hoss, being placed at LT, and that Vandervelde is starting, period.

    If Dace can make it back, and if Raphael can make the calls (center is the most important job in the zone run) — I like this O-line. Two question marks, sure, but not as many as there were last year. Three of the five we have no reason to doubt, one is a rehab, the other a talent who has, apparently, not played (previously) to potential. It wasn’t this good last year. How did they work out?

    I guess the risks in this assessment are:

    a) Can Rieff get through the summer without a streaking incident?

    b) Can Julian rent ‘Bull Durham’ and polish up his media cliches?

    c) Is Crash available to school Julian?

    d) Are the SUI orthopods, and the knee brace manufacturers, that *good* that Dace is pile-driving inside? (That is a scary thought, Dace at the point of attack with his old leg-drive.)

    e) We need James. I hope they can work it out.

    f) Just as a former Trojan, good for Travis for sticking with it.

  4. Good stuff, Drew.

    Could it shake out like this?

    LT — Bulaga
    LG — Reiff
    C — Vandervelde/Eubanks
    RG — Doering/Richardson/Kuempel
    RT — Calloway

    Remember, Bulaga’s first year as starter was at LG.

    I’m giving Julian credit. He laid it on the line with the ISU comments a few years back.

    Reality, yes, Dace is a longshot. It’s reality. Hope? Mike Humpal. Same surgery, maybe not the same degree.

    On James, well said.

    I’d love to see Meade find some PT.

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