Posted by: marcmwm | April 8, 2009

Clayborn pleads not guilty

See The Gazette story here.

Coach Kirk Ferentz said during a March 25 news conference that he stands by Clayborn, a junior defensive end.

Here’s the initial Clayborn story. A UI release said Clayborn pleaded not guilty then, but that was a mix up. He officially did so today.



  1. You know, Mark, I lived in Chicago for so much of my life, where cab drivers honk every time a light turns green, they don’t yield for pedestrians, and they do not believe anyone else has the right to drive in the loop but them. Because of this, I have extraordinary empathy with Adrian: he is accused of having done what I would have loved to have done a hundred times. I just can’t get very excited about this one.

    I hope he has a good defense, and the thing is dismissed.

  2. I think it’s a good sign that KF believes him as strongly as he does. My exchanges with AC and his folks have always been very, very positive.

    I imagine in a big city it just all sort of blends together.

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