Posted by: marcmwm | April 6, 2009

James Ferentz among three Hawkeyes arrested

This is from the UI Police:

James Ferentz and walk-ons Zach Derby and Tyler Christensen were arrested for public intox early Monday morning.

Here’s the full Gazette story, with info from the UI Police report and with statement from coach Kirk Ferentz.

James Ferentz also found trouble with alcohol last fall.

Here’s the UI release and statement from Kirk Ferentz:


IOWA CITY — Three Iowa football players, freshmen FB Tyler Christensen, OL James Ferentz and TE Zach Derby, were cited by law enforcement for an alcohol related incident late last night.

Below is a statement by Head Coach Kirk Ferentz on the incident.

“It was very disappointing to learn of the behavior of our three players last night. Short term, all three will be suspended for the remainder of spring practice and they will be expected to fulfill significant community service obligations the next several weekends. Additional action will be determined at a later point and return to the team will be based on additional criteria.”



  1. Good grief.

    I feel bad for Kirk. I’m a Dad of 3 teenagers, all good kids, but sometimes “stuff” happens. And sometimes, it happens twice in a row.

    My kids were lucky they didn’t get caught by the police. (But unlucky they were caught by me).

    Uhg! Now, I suppose, James will be spending his summer going to “whiskey school” (per Ed) and not working with the team as a potential starter.

    No way Kirk can kick him off the team. But I’d bet my check he goes to a rehab deal of some kind.

    I hate to see him get the “James Gang” rep.

  2. Marc, something is wrong with the RSS feed for your blog. It is spitting out the same story from last fall…..oh wait. This is new? Huh.

    All joking aside, it’s gotta be twice as disappointing and infuriating for KF after his very stern public comments about James last fall.

    Obviously with all the other assaults and additional “incidents” being reported in the ped mall the past few months, I would rather not see any members of the football team down there, but that seems extreme to me.

  3. At the least, James Ferentz will lose his place in line at center. I thought he could challenge for starter. Now, he’ll miss at least half of spring practice and I don’t know what else. Or worse.

    I don’t think he’d be removed from the team. From everything I’ve heard about the first arrest, it was circumstance more than anything else. That might be the only mitigating factor in JF’s favor. But, who knows?

    I remember when KF was asked about this after a game in Kinnick, the Saturday after the first arrest. He was visibly shaken by the topic.

    This is an emotional issue, parent or coach.

  4. anyone think james knows the trouble and disappointment he is causing his father. twice he has done this. wow. id kick him off make a statement, ferentz has to do something about all the players getting in trouble. this is just getting old (and embarrassing), maybe iowa should hire dog trainers and have them keep a leash on all the players.

  5. Blaming it on Ferentz is sortsighted, I think. The vast majority of the arrests have been alcohol-related, and the school as a whole has a pretty serious problem with alcohol. The football players just happen to be the most visible people getting in trouble.

  6. Sweet Mother of God!!! (I can’t write the rest of what I actually said when I saw this.)

    Alcohol is just as much of an issue on every campus in America. Too many kids don’t know how to drink without getting hammered and they certainly don’t know how to watch their buddy’s back. Monday morning Public Intox? What is this?

  7. Watch their buddy’s back!!!! Marc is exactly right.

    Where is the “brother’s keeper” factor with these guys? That guy is probably behaving at his home, eating pizza, watching a DVD. It’s not A.J. Edds’ job to babysit.

    Whose job is it?

    These headlines are never going to stop. That’s just a fact. This is college and America. But this isn’t normal. It just isn’t.

  8. Does he need to kick him off the team?

    My answer is no. Hear me out.

    If this is my son, I want him near me. I want to physically change his behavior. I want him sleeping in my house, under my wife’s watchful eye. I want to drive him home after practice, after games, when all his buds are out celebrating for what I’m sure will be the 15 minutes of downtown time they’re going to get after this.

    I want him to pay a price. I want him to explain to the entire team, seniors and everyone, why the downtown curfew has suddenly become a time you can measure on a stopwatch. I want him to take responsibility for his actions. I want him to feel this as he’s banned from the sideline for five games next fall.

    I want my son to see that he’s only 19 years old, that he’s a scholarship football player who, if he lives his life right, might have a shot at the NFL someday. If my son has a legit problem, I want to see my son through. I want to be by his side while he goes through what, I imagine, would be bruising self-examination. I’d want to be there for my son.

    Maybe I’m overdramatizing, but I do remember Kirk Ferentz’s reaction on this topic last fall. My heart went out to him. This is flesh-and-blood stuff.

    James Ferentz will be an Iowa football player for five years. Kirk Ferentz will be his father forever.

    I could never seperate “son” from “player.” I’m not sure anyone could. I don’t think it’s fair to ask that of anyone. (This is the part where someone mentions salary, I’m sure.)

    I’d want my son to know I love him and I’d do anything for him. I’d want to be a positive force in my son’s life.

    I couldn’t, in my heart of hearts, turn my back on my son. Yes, it’s only football and football is a small part of life and maybe there’d be a larger life lesson in a booting. But look at the household we’re talking about here.

    Is there a right answer? No, there’s not. The only conclusion I have is that I have a son and I’d want him to know I love him. How I would show that in this case? I’d want him close.

  9. Well said, Marc. I totally agree.

  10. Great reply, Marc!

    Only a father could understand what unconditional love really is. And you get it, obviously.

    Maybe you should write a story about this for a Sunday edition?

  11. Unconditional love, Paul. Exactly!

  12. People seem to be focused on what KF should do with his son for getting caught twice doing something relatively minor.

    I’m much more bothered by Christensen destroying property and wanting to fight with a police officer. Calm down, Mongo, you just got your friends arrested and their names published all over the world. Good going. You also led many people to believe bad things about Jake. Many kids in their first year of school can’t solve problems without violence, but then they get into first and second grade much more mature.

  13. […] after initially paying $300 in bonds. Derby, Ferentz and Tyler Christensen — all age 19 — were arrested by the University of Iowa Public Safety for public intoxication around 2 a.m. April 6 near Old […]

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