Posted by: marcmwm | March 27, 2009

Liveblogging from Lickliter press conference

Basketball is the lead story right now.

We’re planning a liveblog from Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter’s press conference at 1:30 today.

Go here to join in.

Athletics director Gary Barta will also be in attendance.

Off to Iowa City.



  1. Marc, how did Lick look and sound to you?

    I haven’t seen it and would rather know from someone who saw him live. Did he talk after the PC or just get up and leave?

    Was there any smiling? what was the mood, somber, upbeat, funereal?

    What about the players moods?

    Basically how was it behind the cameras and mics?


  2. Hey E, no internet at home right now (down and out until Tuesday), so I’m just getting to this now.

    I’d say Lickliter projected as much confidence as a coach who lost four players could. he didn’t overplay it, but he was tried his best to put on the “moving forward” face.

    Lickliter got up and left. I’m surprised no one tried to corner him, but I guess basketball is different than football.

    The players said all the right things and looked how they needed to look (unblinking, straight ahead). Cole didn’t show, but I wouldn’t read too much into that.

    Gary Barta admitted concern but also is in straight ahead mode.

    Basically, no one cracked. So, that leads me to think maybe that there was some orchestration behind this. I’m not sure Lickliter was happy with Kelly’s play a year ago, system-wise. Peterson? I’m sure that was a head scratcher. He won the PG by default and still left. Puzzling, and I’m sure Lickliter wasn’t going to beg him to stay given the, what’s the word, odd nature of this move. IMO, foolish, almost like he’s just following the crowd out of town.

    Palmer, no need for discussion here. Marriage made in basketball hell.

    Davis, another bad marriage. He was the target of a few Lickliter meltdowns. Don’t get it, but I don’t get a lot of things.

  3. What did he meltdown about on Jermaine and what were the other “meltdowns”

    And, yes, JP was silly for leaving.

    Kelly played OK until he became the point.

  4. It seemed to me that Davis was the subject of some Lickliter anger more than once on the bench. Also — and I’m not sure on this entirely — but didn’t Davis have his minutes cut severely at some point during the season, maybe early in conference play? I think that was a foreshadow.

    Kelly shined as a PG. Having covered two years of MVC ball, he’ll make an immediate impact in that league.

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