Posted by: marcmwm | February 25, 2009

Tillison, Morrow transfer out

Iowa now has a depth issue at safety.



            IOWA CITY, IA – Iowa sophomore defensive backs Lance Tillison and Diauntae Morrow have informed Iowa Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz they have decided to transfer to another school. The announcement was made today by Ferentz.


            Tillison, a 6-2, 213 pound sophomore from Seffner, FL, had eight career tackles and one pass interception. He played in 13 games last season. Morrow, was a 6-0, 190-pounder from Cleveland, O. He played as a true freshman in 2007 and was a backup safety in 2008. Morrow was credited with 12 tackles in 11 games last season.



  1. I guess we now know what’s up… Too bad they’re leaving but next man in, if there are any available.

  2. This raises Cato’s profile immediately and, perhaps, gets Bernstine reps at safety. Between Bernstine, Shaun Prater and William Lowe, if anyone of those guys are going to be asked to provide depth at safety, Bernstine is the guy.

  3. I thought there was discussion yesterday of Cato having to go JuCo … was that not correct?

    Any quotes from Tillison or Morrow as far as why they are leaving?

    When does Iowa’s spring football start up.

    University of Miami down here started yesterday.

  4. Lams, there’s nothing to the Cato rumor mentioned yesterday.

    I hate to lose Bernstein at corner, because I think he’s very good there, but Shaun Prater’s emergence last year does open the door, assuming Lowe can be a decent nickel. He played the position in high school so he should be able to make the transition. Actually, the idea of Sash and Bernstein back at safety with Spievey and Prater at corner sounds pretty awesome to me. I confess that I’ve never been a huge fan of Greenwood’s though. He’s a nice story, seems like a good kid, and has made some big plays in his career, but on the whole he seems to blow a lot of assignments. I’ve never really understood why the coaching staff loves him so much.

  5. Adam, agreed on Greenwood but he has improved. And if Norm likes him that is good enough for me right now.

  6. Greenwood really struggled early during his freshman year, but he’s been a producer ever since. I know the prevailing opinion is down on him. I watch every game two or three times and nothing bad stands out to me.

    I think he might’ve only had one or two PI penalties, if even that.

    What am I missing?

  7. I would definitely agree … Greenwood was a walk-on, correct, and he played like one early on. But that is too be expected But given playing time, I felt very comfortable with him this past season. I think he grew very quickly and will round into someone very special if he keeps improving. He is a veteran yet still just coming into his junior year.

  8. ‘House, any quotes from Tillison or Morrow as far as why they are leaving?

  9. I’m not anti-Greenwood, but I’m not going to buy his jersey anytime soon as well. I think that’s where most Hawk fans stand with him (as Mark pointed out). But I agree that he got better as they year went on.

    I’m sure that ‘the Parkers’ are going to put the 4 best players back there as starters. And to me (not an insider by any means) two of those positions are locked down: Spievey & Sash; two guys that I think are very, very good players. After that…who knows? But if Cato/Prater/Lowe can lock down that other CB spot…why not let Bernstine battle Greenwood at his more natural position?

    OR you simply keep the safetys the same and just plug Bernstine in as the other CB. Whatever the best four starters are is good with me!


    Mark: Any word on what they’ll do with those two open scholarships? Are those automatically ear-marked for the 2010 class, or will they look at giving them to a current walk-on?

  10. Lams, no comments, not yet anyway.

    JTG, thanks for logging on.

    “The Parkers”!!! I wish I could shorten to that for the paper. It’d be so much easier and Hawkeye fans would know who I’m writing about, right?

    I agree on Sash and Spievey. They are no-brainers. We’ll probably disagree on Greenwood. I’m not sure that competition is open. He’ll be a third-year starter and he’s performed. Not jersey-buying performed, but I don’t recall him getting burned. In fact, big plays vs. MSU and Illinois were made against Sash, IIRC.

    I say that, but I was totally wrong on the O-line last fall. I didn’t think coaches would pull the trigger on Bruggeman over Eubanks. I didn’t see the Bulaga/Olsen switch. Now, will coaches see a Cato as they saw Bruggeman? I’m not sure. If there’s a challenge, I suspect it would come from Cato, who I see as a safety.

    Competition changed last season’s OL for the better. I think the DBs have a chance to maintain a high level. I think the talent is there.

    On the new schollies, I don’t have it confirmed, but I believe coach Ferentz mentioned last year that RB Paki O’Meara might be headed toward a schollie. I’m pretty sure K Daniel Murray is now on schollie. Maybe grayshirt commit Dominic Alvis slides into one before the fall semester.

    Am I missing a walk on? Jayme Murphy could get one. IMO, he deserves one. KF doesn’t talk about these openly. I don’t know why, it’s just been his policy.

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  12. […] if he hears or reads what is out there on the internet about him, he smiled a little. He said one thing, but that smile might’ve been a […]

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