Posted by: marcmwm | February 22, 2009

There will be liveblogging!

Scott Dochterman will be on the red carpet. I’ll be in the studio with Joan Rivers.

No, Scott’s at Carver and I’m at my house with the Big Ten Network in HD. J.R. Ogden will join later to close this out. I’ve got a hockey game against Buffalo Wild Wings. I always end up guarding Spicy Garlic.

If you care about Iowa basketball, and I know you do, Scott’s story on the program’s slide in revenue is required reading for today’s liveblog.

Here’s a sample:

“The reasons are plentiful for Iowa’s attendance decline. Some fans blame former Coach Steve Alford. Others blame Lickliter or his team’s defensive style of play. Ticket prices, the economy, last summer’s natural disasters, winter weather, game times and walking distance from parking lots also are factors used when officials or fans explain why attendance lags.”

It sounds a lot like the economy. Only there will be no bailout.

Shonn Greene just ran a 4.65-second 40-yard dash. That’s about what was expected I think.

He’s a second rounder, in my mind. The combine is one element. Shonn’s 13 games of sterling film from this season is quite another.



  1. As for Greene, the best thing that can happen for him is to put up the best numbers he can in his first few years and bring in the real money when he signs his second contract. Kind of like oh, I don’t know, Ladell Bets anyone? Sound about right? This is assuming he gets drafted low, of course.

  2. Betts wasn’t too low. I believe he was a second rounder, but, Scott, you’re right about his second contract, a five-year deal that could be worth up to $11 million.

    Shonn is a second rounder, probably. He’ll get paid, either way.

  3. I wish you were right but I always thought Shonn was an early 3rd rounder. It seems to me his Combine workout has hurt him more than helped him. I think he has dropped another spot or two in the RB pick list. I hope I am wrong though because if Shonn stuck it out for another year I think he could have been a 1st round pick with all the Juniors declaring this year.

  4. Cali, you might be right about sticking around. The timing might’ve been better for a draft board, but there’s also the possibility of injury coming back and Shonn’s age. He’ll be 24 when next football season starts. That insurance college players who comeback for a senior year pay for are very, very expensive. Robert Gallery did that. I imagine the premium for an RB would be higher.

    The draft board would’ve been the upside of one more season at Iowa, but if Shonn drops to the third round that’s still likely a three-year deal worth something in the neighborhood of $1.79 million, which is what the Detroit Lions’ Kevin Smith got as the first RB taken in the third round last year.

    Scott makes an excellent point. Maybe the big money for Shonn doesn’t come until that second contract. If he lands in the right system, say the NY Giants, this could happen for him.

    I’m probably a little more optimistic, but I’m certainly not an NFL draft expert.

  5. This is almost purely empirical, but demand for basketball tickets is more elastic than for football. Football is a cultural and all-day activity. Basketball is just the game and it is all too often on a week night when it is hard to drive from hours away. When games were on Thursday and Saturday we made plans around that, but television money changed the schedule.

    Many were turned off by Alford, but they were also only willing to give the Athletic Department so much money each year. They kept their football tickets and dropped basketball. Watching downtown or at home is cheaper, less demanding and drinks are more readily available than going to Carver.

    I think stability and success can change that.

  6. Great points, Marc.

    Schedule, economy and product. I think Iowa basketball reminds us that, yes, there is a business element to all this.

    The days of hanging a sign with the game time on it and expecting people to show up at Carver are over.

  7. I just hope Shonn doesn’t land with Detroit (suffer the same fate Chuck Long) and he makes it to a second contract…

  8. Yeah, that’s not a given in the world of NFL RBs.

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