Posted by: marcmwm | February 12, 2009

Ferentz, Barta agree on contract extension



IOWA CITY, IA – University of Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta announced today he has come to terms with Head Football Coach Kirk Ferentz on a new seven-year contract that will run through the 2015 season. Details of the contract are still being finalized.

Terms of the new contract will be very similar to the current agreement. Ferentz’ salary and his bonus structure will remain unchanged. Bonuses for his assistant coaches will be similar, but will include additional compensation for significant achievement.

“Kirk Ferentz has shown over a twenty-year period he loves the University and the state of Iowa,” said Barta. “He is a great fit for the Hawkeye program. As our head coach the past 10 years, he’s proven himself to be a winner and a strong leader of the Hawkeye program. I’m thrilled to have him as Iowa’s head football coach.”

Ferentz made the following statement.

“I continue to consider it an honor to coach at the University of Iowa and I am very appreciative of the University extending my contract.  Gary Barta and President Mason have been very supportive of our efforts.  I feel fortunate to be at Iowa and I am very excited about the future of our program.”

Kirk Ferentz is beginning his 11th year as head football coach at the University of Iowa.  His tenure as Iowa’s head football coach trails only Hayden Fry, who led the Hawkeyes for 20 seasons (1979-98).  Ferentz now ranks second (Penn State’s Joe Paterno is first) in longevity among Big Ten Conference football coaches. He has posted a 70-53 record at Iowa which includes two Big Ten championships and seven first division finishes.

Ferentz has led the Hawkeyes to bowl eligible status in each of the last eight seasons. The Hawkeyes appeared in six straight bowl games between 2001 and 2006, the second longest bowl streak in school history (Iowa appeared in eight straight bowl games from 1981-88).  Iowa’s streak under Ferentz included a string of four straight January games from 2002-05. A January bowl appearance last season made it five out of seven years for Kirk and January games.




  1. Glad to see this.

    Coach Ferentz = class. Glad to have the Captain in charge for the forseeable future.

    Not that Iowa will ever be a recruiting juggernaut, just due to population base, but hopefully this helps put an end to the Ferentz to NFL.

  2. From my end, after watching the BS that Lane Kiffin pulled and how things just “are” in the SEC, I vote for a lifetime contract.

    KF will be 59 or 60 at the end of this deal, which will be totally new.

    Details will follow.

  3. Kiffin’s antics are like when your little brother tries to go play with “the big boys”. He’ll eventually figure it out but it’s going take some mistakes.

  4. I think Kiffin was trying to set a tone. We’re Tennessee, we’re going to be the loudest, most obnoxious in the land, before even calling one single play in a game.

    I thought, “This guy represents a university?”

    But hey, if Kiffin wants to name names like that every year in recruiting, more power to him. It is entertaining, at least from my end.

  5. Kiffin better win big, and this year. For once I can’t wait to see Florida stomp someone as that kid needs a thumping to put him down a notch.

    That beibng said have you seen his wife? wow.

    GREAT news about the captain but is anyone really surprised? He’s one of us and will be until he retires like Hayden IMO.

  6. A friend e-mailed me this thought:

    The more Lane Kiffin opens his mouth, the smarter he makes Al Davis look.

    Think about that!!!!

  7. Kiffin really riled up the folks down this way at Pahokee High with his comments about not taking any chances with their people screwing up the fax on National Signing Day. Did you get a chance to read all of that.

    What a piece of work; not exactly off to the kind of start you would like. Their administration must be just besides themselves.

    And how about knowing the rules before you blast Urban Meyer of a violation.

    Switching topics, any word on if Iowa is going to get that long snapper from Whitefish Bay to walk on? Sounded like it was down to the Hawks, Auburn and possibly the BADgers.

  8. I haven’t heard about that one, Lams. I’ll look him up.

    Just so everyone knows, Lams works in Fla., the heart of meglomaniac college football coaches.

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