Posted by: marcmwm | February 11, 2009

Freshman linebacker transfers





IOWA CITY, IA – – University of Iowa Head Football Kirk Ferentz announced Wednesday that Khalif Staten will leave the Hawkeye football program.

“Khalif Staten has decided to leave the Iowa football team and plans to transfer to a school closer to home,” said Ferentz.

Staten is a freshman linebacker from Brooklyn, New York and red-shirted last fall.


FWIW, I always thought Staten passed the look test. As far as ability and future projection, I have no clue.



  1. I thought he was a WR? Agreed, he looked the part, or the potential to play the part, but sounds homesick.

    Good luck kid.

  2. ‘House, anything to be alarmed about on all of the transfers, especially on the defensive side of the ball?

    Were these guys just not going to see the field, saw the writing on the wall and wanted to move on? Or is it more of disgruntled players not feeling they are getting a chance to see the field?

    We have had Staten, though I thought he was a WR out of N.Y.; Tillison LB/S out of Florida; DE Dezman Moses out of N.J., DB Diauntae Morrow out of Cleveland all leave. More than that?

    Just curious if this is just the natural progression of the weak getting weeded out or if there is something deeper going on behind the scenes? Thanks

  3. Are Tillison and Morrow definitely transferring?

    Seeing now that maybe they aren’t?

  4. Ferentz was asked about Tillison on signing day and all he said was “We’ll know more in March.”

    Will enough playing time go their way? I don’t know the answer to that.

    I know that Brett Greenwood had a bum shoulder at the end of the season. He might miss time this spring, giving Morrow an opportunity to get a foot in the door. But it’s still spring and a roster jump, especially over a two-year starter, is rare. Tyler Sash missed some time with a shoulder (I think it was a shoulder).

    Linebacker is stacked, but Pat Angerer and A.J. Edds will be seniors next season, so positioning for ’10 is up in the air. Edds is a senior already?

  5. EP, he was a WR in high school but Iowa recruited him with the idea that he’d play LB. It sucks to lose him, I really liked his potential.

  6. Hopefully Morrow sticks around.
    Because A) he has been in the program a bit and learned some of the ropes. He looks the part and seems like he could be a good one in the secondary.

    b) recruiting pipeline to Cleveland area. Want to keep up a positive vibe in that area. I see on another site where we are at least looking at another kid from St. Edwards in junior CB Latwan Anderson.

  7. The one thing where I could see it for Morrow is the depth chart. He’s behind a two-year starter. Iowa hasn’t had a lot of these types of transfers (Bain, Christensen), but they do happen.

    He could muscle his way into the picture this spring, with Greenwood nursing a shoulder injury.

  8. Is that what Coach Ferentz meant by “we’ll know more in March” or something to that effect with regards to Tillison?

    That Tillison and Morrow will go through the spring and probably decide what they plan to do after they see where they fit in two-deeps after spring practice?

  9. Could be that, Lams, but I think it’s more that they don’t want to sign off on a kid without making their pitch.

    I’m sure the players have expressed their feelings. I’m sure the coaches will want to show them how they still need them.

    I think that’s where this is at right now.

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