Posted by: marcmwm | February 5, 2009

Ferentz on Brown

4398722_-_oth_-_josh_brown_-_02_04_2009_-_200012Josh Brown did just about everything for Dixie Hollins High School (St. Petersburg, Fla.). As a senior, he racked up 1,697 rushing yards with 10 TDs, 1,364 passing yards with four TD passes and had 244 receiving yards while serving as team captain his junior and senior years.

So, you really can’t be surprised when he says that Iowa coaches told him they’ll use him just about everywhere.

Tuesday, Brown told that Iowa coaches said they’re looking at him as a slot receiver and maybe some “wildcat formation” QB. Iowa has toyed with this in the past. Remember Eric McCollum? They tried it, it just didn’t work.

Brown said he’d loved to be used the way Florida uses Percy Harvin, a wide receiver-running back hyrid. The “wildcat” is in vogue, with Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown showing the way.

When Iowa introduced its class Wednesday, Brown was listed as an “ATH,” meaning “athlete.”

Coach Kirk Ferentz said was asked if Brown could be a slot receiver, a strong player who could work in traffic.

“We think he has that capability,” Ferentz said. “If we were going to pinpoint, I think you could for several positions, but that is what we’re thinking about right now and I think he is receptive to that.

“He could probably do some things on defense and probably help us at running back, too, but we’re going to start him out as a receiver.”



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