Posted by: marcmwm | January 29, 2009

Big Ten spring dates

From’s Adam Rittenberg.

To me, spring football is the oasis between signing day and Big Ten media day in Chicago (July 27-28 this year).

If I were the Big Ten Network, I would do an hour special from each school, as it did this summer at fall camps. If those logistics didn’t line up, I’m sure there would be enough material for hour-long shows recapping each school’s ’08 season and looking ahead to ’09.

There you go, BTN. You have your assignment.



  1. ‘House, how is the weather up there today — you guys have gotten a lot of snow this winter haven’t ya.

    Agree on your assignment for the BTN. I really enjoyed those segments they did last summer, going to each school.

    Big Ten football media day in July now, eh.

    Saw the Hawks got that big OL out of Hun School. Seems Ferentz & Co. did very well with the offensive linemen prospects. If Barrent would have stayed it would have been that much better.

    What are your thoughts on getting the WR Brown or LB Glaud?

  2. I hope they take your advice Marc. After last year I am already jonesing for Iowa football.

  3. Great idea, Marc. I watched the Not Really A Spring Game online last year, but the quality was terrible.

    Lambo, Brown is Penn State all the way. He’s not even considering Iowa anymore (and I don’t think he ever seriously was. Once he canceled the official visit in December it was over).

  4. yes, figured he would be a tough get away from those Eastern schools. would have loved to have had him on one side, Keenen Davis on the other and say Cotton in the slot down the road.

    i wonder what Iowa’s most explosive WR set on one team ever is??

  5. The BTN is somewhat tied to some non-revenue sports.

    That can’t help ratings.

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