Posted by: marcmwm | January 28, 2009

Podolak resolution





  Former University of Iowa football player and radio analyst Ed Podolak issued a statement today directed at all Hawkeye fans.


“After considerable deliberation with my family and close friends, I’ve decided to seek professional treatment. Over the last few months the people closest to me in life have convinced me that treatment is in my best interest.


            “The unbelievable outpouring of concern and love from Iowa fans everywhere has also had a big impact on my decision. I’ll always be a Hawkeye, but their prayers and well wishes have made this decision much easier.


            “I continue to ask for the prayers and thoughts of all Iowa fans as I undertake this journey. My hope is that treatment will make me a better husband and father and a better person to my friends.”


            University of Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta had the following statement:


“I wholeheartedly support Ed in his decision to enter treatment. He will be in my thoughts and prayers. We’ll all be cheering for him. The number one priority is his health.


“I talked with Ed over the weekend, and he sounded positive and focused about his decision. He did not officially indicate he will be coming out of retirement, but in light of this recent development, I’ve spoken with Learfield and we have put the search for his replacement on hold.


“From Iowa fans everywhere, good luck, Ed!”



Interpretations — This is win-win.
Ed Podolak gets healthy, beats alcohol. Iowa fans get college football’s best analyst back on the radio. If it works, it’s win-win and it’s a terrific comeback story with James Brolin or Sam Elliott playing Ed Podolak in the movie.

Of course, first, it has to work.

I believe this has been the plan all along. Feelings and frustrations derailed it the first time around. Let’s face it, Podolak was probably embarrassed by the pictures and might’ve been in a deep state of denial. He may have talked himself into retirement. All of his reasons made perfect sense, except for the fact that the University of Iowa and Iowa football are grafted to his bones. Maybe he saw the devastating effects of alcohol and said, whoa. Iowa athletics director Gary Barta probably wanted him to get help and perhaps told him to take next season off and beat alcohol. And then, having conquered something that’s put Iowa and Podolak in compromised positions twice now, Podolak returns to the booth in ’10, as sharp as ever.

I believe the door was always open for a return. Now, we’re a long ways from “win-win.” But with Barta announcing that Iowa’s search for a analyst is “on hold,” the door is open.

The ball is in Ed’s court.





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