Posted by: marcmwm | January 26, 2009

Monday morning recruiting update reported the commitment of Maryland wide receiver Stephane Ngoumou, quoting his coach, Greg Malling, at Rockville (Md.) Wootton.

Clinton O-lineman Matt Murphy said Sunday night that Ngoumou (pronounced goo-moo) committed to Iowa during his visit Sunday. Ngoumou, 6-foot-4, 195 pounds, caught 71 passes for 1,100 yards and 12 TDs last season.

Ngoumou’s commitment completed a massively productive recruiting weekend for the Hawkeyes. Iowa picked up five commits, Murphy, West Des Moines Valley OL Conor Boffeli, Ohio defensive back Micah Hyde, Macon (Ill.) tight end Dakota Getz and now Ngoumou, who drew interest from Syracuse and Connecticut.

Jim Boffeli, Conor’s dad, confirmed his son’s choice of Iowa on Monday morning. I asked if Iowa coaches had a position in mind for Conor. He said offensive line. Conor might initially begin his career at TE, but all parties agree that the 6-5, 250-pounder will grow into a position on the offensive line.

That’s 17 commitments, 18 counting grayshirt LB Jake Reisen. The national signing period begins Feb. 4.


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  2. So are they pretty much done now then? I was hoping that they might add Glaud or MacMillan late, but at 18 they’ve got to be pretty close to hitting they’re scholarship limit this year.

  3. I think they’d make room for the right guy, but, yeah, Adam, I think they’re done.

    Right now, I believe they’re out of scholarships, but there could be another transfer or something of that nature between now and signing day or in the summer.

    Also, Big Ten teams are allowed to oversign by three. I don’t think Iowa has ever taken advantage of that.

  4. I know they can oversign, I’m just hoping they don’t do so unless someone really good (like the two I mentioned) comes along. I’d rather they didn’t go over the limit with a class that I’m not sure is all that great on the whole and hamstring themselves in the future. With fewer “Ferentz to the NFL” rumors (hopefully), a good crop of in-state kids coming up, and a great shot at having their second strong season in a row, I’m feeling very optimistic about Iowa’s chances of putting together a really good class next year.

  5. How does Boffeli’s athleticism compare to Barrents? Barrents is 4-star OT candidate, but if Boffeli has good feet and quickness, he might be a OT candidate for us. We are losing Calloway next year and Bulaga has been given some early mention as high draft choice if he comes out as Junior. We have Riley Reiff in the wings and the walk on to scholly Haggaman(sp)..other than that, we don’t have a lot of guys in the system that project as tackles.

    Good stuff as always!

  6. Logic,

    I wish I had a better answer. I know that Barrent is simply a large human being. Boffeli’s dimensions tell me inside guy, but I used that same rationale with Marshal Yanda. I was wrong, obviously.

    I will sit down after recruiting and come up with a mega-giant team depth chart.

    Off the top of my head, I would say that Murphy and Van Sloten are two potential tackles in this class. As for the now, Calloway and Bulaga and then Rieff and Haganman. Casey McMillan is 6-4. Tyler Detweiler is 6-4. He’s a longshot, but he’s hanging in there. Dace? He could get two more years. He’s had two seasons affected by injury in a big way. He’s a possibility, albeit another longshot, for ’10.

    It really does get fuzzy after ’09.

  7. Boffeli isn’t that much shorter than Bulaga is he? He needs to add weight, but I think he’d be okay at tackle.

  8. Bulaga is listed at 6-6, so yeah, you might be right. I like that they’re going in with the idea that Conor is going to play tackle rather than spending a year at TE when that’s not where he’ll end up.

  9. With MacMillan on board I actually think you might be right, and Boffeli will ultimately wind up on the inside. I do still think he’d be okay at tackle though.

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