Posted by: marcmwm | January 20, 2009

King impresses at Senior Bowl

The question is, what is he? Too short to be an end. Too light to be a tackle. But too good to ignore.

From the Houston Chronicle (link passed on by The Wiz of Odds



  1. Probably an ignorant response but is ILB a possibility?

  2. I don’t think he has the wheels for anything outside of 10 yards. BUT Matt Roth is making a nice living in a similar position. Of course, Roth is closer to 6-4 or 6-5.

    I think King gets drafted and makes a team. His quickness and burst have been NFL caliber for four years.

  3. This may be way off but, what about the Colts? Whenever you see a Colts game on TV all they talk about is the defense is small, but quick.

  4. Scott, that’s where I was thinking.

    I hope King performs at the combine. He just needs to give the “numbers” scouts something. But even if he doesn’t, I believe there will be a lot of “football” scouts who see a player.

  5. Look for that to change shortly, the Colt smallish DL. Their DC resigned today and Caldwell’s gonna be changing things up. ST coach got canned two days ago.

    That small line played hard but is hard to make work in the NFL.

  6. He’s too good not to make it somewhere as at least a situational pass-rusher, I have no idea if he’ll be an every down player or where he’ll play. DT in a Tampa 2 team would be ideal, I would think. Maybe as a DE for teams that play a 3-4, but his height is going to hurt him a lot there.

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