Posted by: marcmwm | January 13, 2009

Paine lands at Iowa Central

Freshman wide receiver DeMarco Paine has landed at Iowa Central Community College, according to ICCC coach Kevin Twait.

Paine, a 5-foot-10, 175-pounder, played in two games as a true freshman this season for the Hawkeyes, catching three passes for 16 yards. He dressed for Iowa’s Oct. 11 game at Indiana but wasn’t on the sidelines after.

In Tampa, coach Kirk Ferentz said he would address Paine’s situation at a later date.

“It’s not a discipline thing, I’ll just say that,” Ferentz said.

Twait said Paine had a late NCAA Clearinghouse issue.

Paine won’t be the first Hawkeye to try to make it back to Iowa City via the Fort Dodge community college.

Wide receiver Clinton Solomon was forced to leave Iowa because of academics. He returned and was a big part of the 2004 Big Ten co-champions. This season, cornerback Amari Spievey returned after earning junior college all-American with the Tritons.

Here’s something I wrote on Solomon back in ’04:


Grades forced a detour to Fort Dodge, Iowa Central Community College, the Iowa Community
College Athletic Conference, no way on the TV, bus rides to Wahpeton, N.D., 3,000 fans and
Dodger Stadium.

Now, he’s back, a year older and a lifetime wiser.

“I told the boys, don’t come in thinking you’ve arrived,” the junior receiver said. “The field doesn’t mean as much as you think. Take care of your academics. Learn from my experience. I thought I arrived and I didn’t. I didn’t take care of my academics.

“I tell all the freshman . . . take care of your academics.”


And before the Outback Bowl, I wrote about Spievey:


“I won’t say it was horrible, but it wasn’t Iowa,” Spievey said. “I’d much rather be here. I’m glad I’m back here.”

Even with a girlfriend in school in Iowa City, Spievey didn’t mope.

He had to pass a couple summer classes to become eligible to play for Iowa Central. In his season with the Tritons, he earned All-American honors, intercepting seven passes. He returned two for TDs and returned two kickoffs for TDs. He also blocked four punts.

Against North Iowa Area Community College, Spievey was thrown at five times. He intercepted three. He ended the first half against Rock Valley with a 94-yard interception return. He started the second half with a 96-yard kick return.

He also earned his associate degree with a 3.0 GPA.


Twait said Paine’s plan is to play at ICCC next fall, maintain his grades and return to Iowa City for the 2010 season.

It’s definitely doable.



  1. What does this do to his eligibility? Do they count his playing in games as using one year up? If so, that is a crime.

  2. Marc, would you please advise what the NCAA Clearinghouse is? Do they confirm that you have met high school graduation requirements? Thanks!

  3. Great question, Pete.

    This link should help.

  4. Hawk Fan, yes. I don’t see why you think that’s a crime. He’s still playing NCAA sanctioned football. It’s the same for anyone who spends time playing JuCo ball. Was it a crime that Marshall Yanda came in as a Junior too? If you want to be upset with someone, be upset with the coaches for burning his redshirt for absolutely no reason this year.

    WR isn’t exactly a huge need for Iowa anymore, but I’m hopeful he’ll be back soon. The Clinton Solomon Memorial Grade Resurrection Program has been pretty good to Iowa.

  5. I don’t think this will necessarily cost Paine a year. It could fall under the category of hardship waiver. No, it’s not medical, but he did only play in two games and they were two that were well before the 40 percent cut off.

    If he follows his plan, I think he’ll comeback a sophomore.

  6. Not being good enough to get playing time counts as hardship now? No one tell JR Angle!

    Seriously, I’ll be happy if it actually happens, but that’s pretty ridiculous.

  7. Well, I would imagine that if the NCAA comes and gets a kid after signing off on a kid, those games wouldn’t be counted against that kid. Just spitballing. I’ll make some calls on this.

  8. Was that why he wasn’t playing during the season? I know it’s why he missed the bowl trip, but I got the impression that he was eligible and just not getting playing time up until then. You’re obviously a lot closer to the program than I am, I just never heard anything about him having a Clearinghouse issue until bowl week.

  9. I think the Clearinghouse (or Eligibility Center or whatever) initially cleared him and then reviewed something (re-reviewed) and the review kept him on the bench, as in, can’t play until re-cleared, which he never was and is now at ICCC.

    I know that sounds convoluted, Adam. Ferentz has said he’ll comment. I don’t think that performance factored in.

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