Posted by: marcmwm | January 10, 2009

Trib’s Greenstein picks Iowa No. 1 in Big Ten

It’s gutsy, but it’s not that far fetched. It’s for sure early, but hey, it’s another interesting read from the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein.,0,3555209.story



  1. Not far fetched with a solid off season, no injuries, tansfers or flunk outs.

    You have any other blogs coming about Tampa? Those have been great reading and thanks for posting them.

  2. Yeah, E, I’ll have a couple more. For running back, I’m going to have to go back and see what I have left over from the two candidates, Jewel and Brinson, during recruiting. I tried to talk to Jewel, but got waved off by a coach.

  3. The real question is whether Marc has any Beer O’Clock blogs from Tampa. I have some reviews that I’d like to post. . .

  4. I’m going to have something maybe tomorrow.

    But truth be told, Jeff, I tried some Kona in FLA and that was about it. The convenience store across the street sold six packs of Anchor Steam. That’s as far as I went, sadly.

    Friday, I visited my parents in DBQ and we took a trip to E DBQ, stopping at Family Beer and Liquor Store. I loaded up on Great Divide products. I’ll be writing about those, but, Jeff, please write some reviews of your FLA travels and e-mail them to me ( and I’ll post them. I’m interested to hear what I missed.

  5. I’ll send you a short review. Rest assured, you didn’t miss any good Florida brews. There were a couple of good brewpubs, however.

  6. I’m taking the fam to Grand Harbor this weekend. Is Family the best place to go en E DBQ?

  7. Family or Van’s, MF, it’s too close to call. Give yourself some time.

    Grand Harbor is cool. Make sure you hit the Star Brewery. It’s not a restaurant and a wine bar. Very cool old Dubuque Star stuff. It made me want to move back home.

  8. Is this the place you’re talking about?

  9. Yes sir, that’s the place. I didn’t see it, but I guess they brew Dubuque Star there.

  10. I guess I should say “make.” They’re not bottling, but they have it on tap.

  11. Cool. This is a family trip so getting the kids away from the waterpark to actually eat will be a challenge. Then, after they go to bed, getting me away from the blackjack tables to actually eat will be a new challenge.

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