Posted by: marcmwm | January 6, 2009

Fascinating read from ISU’s Ben Bruns . . .

When I first started at The Gazette, I covered Iowa State in 1998. It was a fun year for me. The road trips were tremendous. Some kid named LaDainian Tomlinson tore up Jack Trice (actually, LT was outdone by teammate Basil Mitchell’s 186 yards and three TDs that day). Oh yeah, the Cyclones beat Iowa for the first time in 15 seasons in a ginormous upset at Kinnick Stadium.

On one of my first days, ISU O-lineman Ben Bruns asked me who I was and where I worked. We talked a little bit. Even when the result on the field wasn’t great, Bruns was a  stand-up guy.

He graduated with a degree in construction engineering and works for the firm that built the Cyclones’ indoor football facility. (Something we discussed on the “Bubble” story on this blog.) He’s also the sideline reporter for Cyclone radio.

The sideline gig allows access. Bruns knows ISU football as few do. That’s why his blog and its first post is a must-read if you’re interested in an insider’s view of the Gene Chizik departure.

Fascinating read. Good luck with the blog, Ben.



  1. I posted this over on the Hlog but will say it here….

    Here’s the money quote….

    “your heart comes from the state of Iowa. Ask Johnny Majors, Earle Bruce or Dan McCarney – they’ll tell you priority one should be getting the best kids in the state of Iowa.”

    You don’t have to look far to get proof of this. Heck the other FBS school in the state understands this. The State of Iowa may not have the greatest athletes in the country, but there are some great kids to be had out there.

    This isn’t to say ISU needs to try and emulate UI. Rather, they can see the quality of kids Iowa has had over the years and see how they’ve been the heart and soul of the team.

  2. I’d think that the success Nebraska had with alienating their alumni and local coaches would have been a good example of what not to do.

    As an Iowa fan, I’m a little afraid that Rhoads will know what he’s doing. Even if most of Central Iowa hates Ankeny….

  3. Rhoads has already gone after a few Iowa recruits.

    Dominic Alvis, a grayshirt commit to Iowa, has heard from ISU, according to HawkeyeReport. Also, you can bet they’ll make a late run at Decorah O-lineman Brett Van Sloten, whose dad went to Iowa.

  4. ‘House, agreed. And reportedly they have kept Lenz from the MUSTangs and Lichtenberg (spelling??) from Bettendorf from flocking from the fold. That is solid work. Not that I like it, but you have to give due where it is due.

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