Posted by: marcmwm | December 28, 2008

Definite probably not from Brodell

TAMPA, Fla. — Put Andy Brodell down for a definite probably not for a sixth year of eligibility.

The Iowa wide receiver knows he’s listed as a junior in the Outback Bowl media guide. He also knows the official Iowa website has him applying for a sixth year of eligibility.

But no, he’s not banking on it.

“I had a brief conversation with the trainers about it,” Brodell said. “From their understanding, I could apply for a sixth year, but odds are it wouldn’t happen.”

The rule, Brodell said, states that two seasons need to be strongly affected by injury. In Brodell’s case, he missed eight games last season after suffering a torn hamstring. He only missed one game due to injury as a sophomore and that’s likely not enough for a medical hardship waiver.

“We’ll maybe talk about it a little bit after the bowl game, but I’m a senior as far as I know,” Brodell said Sunday. “Unless I hear otherwise and pursue it a little bit, I’m a senior going into this game. I’m looking at this as my last game and that’s how I’m going to play.”

Brodell, a fifth-year senior, calls the sixth year “an option,” but he also has graduated with two degrees and is interested in pursuing the NFL. He has an open mind to an unlikely return, but he’s also ready to move on.

“If there are opportunities at the next level, that’s what I’m going to try to do,” said Brodell, who has 91 career receptions for 1,342 yards and nine TDs in his career. “I owe it to myself to try and give that a shot for as much time as I’ve put into football.”

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