Posted by: marcmwm | December 27, 2008

Hockey night in Tampa

Went to the Lightning-Panthers game tonight. Something about an all-Florida hockey rivalry strikes me as odd.

The Lightning had its way, basically. Martin St. Louis and Vinny LeCavalier padded their stats. No. 76, Evgeny Artukhin, was a 6-5, 254-pound meat cleaver on the ice. Showed some nice hands and skating to go along with that size. Hlas and I walked in just behind Jassen Cullimore, who won a Stanley Cup with the Lightning before going to the Chicago Blackhawks as a free agent and totally stinking. I can’t write here what I used to call him on the Blackhawks messageboard.

It was college team night. A smattering of Hawkeyes and Gamecocks showed up. When it was announced during the second intermission that Iowa and South Carolina were in the house, there was a hint of booing. About what? Who knows. This is a pro sports town that really doesn’t have time for college football teams that don’t have “Florida” somewhere in their names.

Iowa defensive coordinator Norm Parker was one of the few of the Hawkeyes party who stuck it out for the 6-4 Lightning victory.

Kirk Ferentz and Steve Spurrier talk tomorrow. The Busch Gardens thing is tomorrow.

Iowa’s seniors haven’t won a bowl game. I’m sure they’ll get a lot out of Busch Gardens.



  1. It still makes me sick that Tampa has won a Stanley Cup. I rather see the dreaded Canadiens hoist the cup again than see a team from Florida win.

    Still, there’s nothing like seeing an NHL game live–it’s just not the same on TV. I’m looking forward to spending part of my New Year’s Day in Wrigley Field, watching the Wings and Hawks go at it.

  2. Tim,

    My Blackhawks jersey is No. 61. The name on the back? “Last Cup.”

    They’re looking better, but $12 million in goal? Hopefully, they can parlay that.

  3. My Wings sent a message to San Jose last week. However, the Hawks are definitely the hot team right now. That scares me for the game on Thursday. Plus, for whatever reason, Chicago ALWAYS plays Detroit tough. It doesn’t matter how good the Wings are and how bad the Hawks are, the Wings seem to struggle with Chicago.


    How cool is it to have municipal zambonis?

  5. I saw a hockey game in Tampa in February 2007. It was an odd feeling walking into a hockey game in Florida, but it was a great atmosphere and seemed like a pretty knowledgeable crowd. The place was full and really loud. Steep seats, though, and one of our party had to hoof it back to the hotel because she has a fear of heights. And we were way up there.

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