Posted by: marcmwm | December 26, 2008

200 pounds of green beans

The Outback Bowl team dinner was Friday night at the Convention Center downtown.

I’m sorry, make that the Outback Steakhouse Team Welcome Dinner. They have it with all caps and I say they’ve earned it.

Here’s how the 5,500 pounds of food were broken down:

750 pounds of steak, 750 pounds of chicken, 900 pounds of ribs, 700 pounds of bleu cheese wedge salad (that was surprising), 200 pounds of green beans (that’s my weight in green beans).

The big item (literally), 950 pounds of Bloomin’ Onions. That’s enough crispy goodness for a small nation. That’s a GNP of grease.

For desert, how about 1,300 pounds of cheesecake?

Also, there was 85 gallons of barbecue sauce and 60 cases of soda and water.

I don’t know about you guys, but now I’m hungry.



  1. “You guys?”

    What’s that?

  2. A rhetorical device.

  3. MMM. That would go well with the New Belgium 1554 I had last night.

    How did you like the Chimay? I hope it was good. The 1554 reminded me of it. You can cellar the Blue Chimay.

  4. The way I calculate it, that is over a 2:1 protein to vegetable ratio. But I counted the Bloomin’ Onion as a veggie, which is being quite generous to the veggie side of that equation.

  5. Marc, the Chimay was excellent. I’m making the Trappists an essential in the fridge. I almost bought the last bottle the other night, but I went in to buy something for dad for Xmas, so I just walked away.

    Jeff — A Bloomin’ Onion is to vegatables as facial hair is to Marissa Miller.

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