Posted by: marcmwm | December 22, 2008

Quick story from Iowa awards banquet

During Shonn Greene’s speech after the MVP award, he called up his offensive line. Seniors Rob Bruggeman and Seth Olsen went up. Greene twirled and left the trophy there for them to have. The O-line guys were a bit confused.

Greene left the trophy for them, but didn’t say so. Bruggeman eventually gave it back to him.

The point is that Greene did that because he is a genuinely humble person. He really does wear all this attention well and seems to have a healthy grasp of “team.”



  1. Could you answer a question for me? (Also from the awards banquet.)

    How does one become a “permanent captain”? I get King and Kroul, as they are seniors on their way out. But Greene? Or is the coach saying something without saying something?

  2. They name captains on Mondays each week during the season. At the awards banquet, permanent captains are named.

    It was an easy one this year. The captains for all but maybe two games have been King, Kroul, Greene and Bruggeman.

    I know what you’re getting at, Jedi, but no, that’s how it’s always gone.

  3. Great story and not surprising is it? They way this kid is I almost won’t be surprised if he comes back next year.

    And, no, I won’t wager him coming back.

    Speaking of coming back, please give me some love as we leave Indy for Mason City tomorrow, back to CR Friday until Sunday then back here. And my bride will be asleep 15 minutes after we hit the interstate……

  4. I know how that goes, E. “I’ll drive . . . zzzzzzzzzzz.”

    Safe travels, man.

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