Posted by: marcmwm | December 22, 2008

Grayshirt commitment

According to the fellas at, the Hawkeyes have offered Logan-Magnolia defensive end Dominic Alvis, 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, a grayshirt scholarship.

Alvis, who missed most of his senior year with a broken leg, accepted. He had scholarship offers from Northern Iowa and South Dakota.

Most of you know what a grayshirt commitment is, but for those who don’t it’s basically enrolling as a student, paying your own way, in the fall and then going on scholarship and joining the team for spring semester, just in time for spring practice.

Iowa has gone this route before. Sophomore O-lineman Julian Vandervelde was a grayshirt before coming in with a full scholarship when one opened in the summer.

Last February, Iowa City Regina linebacker Jake Reisen and Des Moines Lincoln running back Adam Robinson agreed to grayshirts. Robinson went on full scholarship before fall. Reisen will begin his first semester with the team in January.

I talked to the 6-2, 205-pounder about the grayshirt concept last winter. His attitude on it was exactly what you’d want. It’s not the traditional foot in the door, but it’s a foot in the door.

“I just look at it as an extra spring practice,” he said. “I look at it as enrolling early.”

Vandervelde was the first time I0wa coach Kirk Ferentz used the grayshirt option. Reisen is the only one who’s followed through. Vandervelde passed on a full-ride to Stanford to grayshirt at Iowa.

Ferentz said Iowa offers grayshirts based on immediate needs and how a particular recruiting class is shaping up.

“I don’t think it makes sense in a lot of instances, but there are a lot of cases where it does,” Ferentz said. “Julian is a great example of that. We just didn’t quite have the room for him in that class at that given time based on our needs and our current roster. We were able to find a mutual meeting ground.

“With the right prospects, I think it’s a win-win situation,” Ferentz said.

Iowa signed three potential D-linemen in last year’s class, Jason Semmes, Steve Bigach and Joe Gaglione. Iowa also has three D-line candidates verbally committed in the 2009 class, Marty Hopkins, Tyler Harrell and Scott Covert.




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