Posted by: marcmwm | December 8, 2008

Awesome in its awesome-ness

Jay Christensen, proud Iowan who runs Wiz of Odds ( — the “college football site for winners” — sent me this link:

It’s a webpage for the Fort Dodge High School class of 1978. But the folks who run the site obviously have a terrific sense of humor and really love Iowa.

Featured are three links to YouTube. They chronicle the story of Anamosa resident Jeff Hoskinson and his totally freaking hilarious “Where in Iowa is Jeff?” series of videos on YouTube.

In the latest video, Hoskinson logged 9,850 miles and collected 300 dancing clips while visiting each of Iowa’s 99 counties from February to November 2008.

I clicked and thought 8:14? No way. Well, way.

This is amazing. If you love Iowa, you’ll love this. (I have to admit a lump in my throat during the Sutliff Bridge bit on the newscast. RIP, Sutliff Bridge.)


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