Posted by: marcmwm | December 7, 2008

The answer for Greene’s bowl eligibility . . .

Kirk Ferentz addressed the topic head on Sunday evening, the Shonn Greene-isn’t-going-to-classes topic.

A couple years ago, the NCAA enacted a rule that said players need to retain eligibility and/or good academic standing coming out of first semester to be eligible for the bowl game.

“I heard a rumor the other day that one of our notable players wasn’t going to class,” Ferentz said, referring to Greene. “If he’s not, then our academic support folks are really off base. We had an academic meeting the Monday before Thanksgiving and got some great reports there.  So, that one might go into the category that he (Greene) was up to 280 (pounds) or 300 at one point. I think both of those are in the same box.”

Remember when Greene was working his way back from a year away from Iowa because of academics, there were rumors in the spring that he came in weighing a lot. He did, but the 251 (I think that was it) was a far cry from 280.

I asked Greene if he had given his future any more thought during the time off. (The team just started with bowl practices after taking Thanksgiving week off.) He said the topic has died down a little bit.

“We’ve got finals coming up with school, so a little but not too much,” he said. “I’m still undecided.”


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